What is Stormy Wellington’s Net Worth?

Hailing from New York City, Stormy Wellington is a renowned entrepreneur, author, actress, and television personality. Thanks to her perseverance and hard work, she has become a self-made millionaire entrepreneur, deserving every bit of fame and fortune she has earned in the world of marketing and direct sales. Stormy primarily grew up in Miami, Florida. At times, she didn’t have either of her parents at home; thus, a young Stormy had to spend several years in the foster care system, which did not really help her case.

When it comes to Stormy’s educational background, she dropped out of high school in the 9th grade due to several reasons — financial and family issues being the main ones. The burden of working and somehow finding a stable source of income fell on a 13-year-old Stormy. Thus, she resorted to working as a stripper and admittedly got involved in the drug dealing business to provide for her family. However, Stormy was wise enough to realize that she was born for the bigger things in life. She eventually moved to Atlanta and built her career, step by step.

Stormy was married to Darryl Jones, an Inspirational Speaker and Life Strategist. However, the two reportedly split up after a few years. As for her children, she is the mother of two sons, Hennessy Peterson and Darryl Jones Jr., and a daughter, Maniya. Currently, Stormy is in a happy relationship with a man named Mello and lives in a luxurious house seemingly in Miami, Florida. So, are you wondering exactly how Stormy Wellington became a millionaire despite the impediments she faced in her childhood and what is her net worth? Here is all that we know!

How Did Stormy Wellington Make Her Money?

It was the year 2008 when Stormy Wellington joined the company named Total Life Changes. With the help of this, she gets to change different people’s lives and help them adopt a healthy lifestyle across the globe by improving and balancing their diet, nutrition, and overall wellness. Stormy kept rising through the ranks and became the top-earner in the company with over $2 million in the financial year 2016-17. Stormy also became the 1st person to achieve the Elite Ambassador rank. After securing several awards and helping over 1000 families, she is currently serving as the CEO of the wellness and fitness company.

Following her success at TLC, Stormy tried her hand at brand developing, motivational speaking, and market strategizing at other places. After gaining enough experience, Stormy engraved the title of an entrepreneur under her belt when she founded a company named Girl Hold My Hand Inc., aiming to empower women and teach women to learn to love themselves. Apart from being a hugely successful entrepreneur, Stormy is also a published author with several motivational books and novels to her name, such as ‘The Quiet Storm’ and ‘9 Laws of Success.’

As far as her acting career is concerned, Stormy makes several appearances in the show ‘Beyond the Pole’ as the host. In addition to that, in March 2022, she kicked off her television career with a documentary series, ‘Million Dollar Hustle,’ which grabbed headlines for all the right reasons and made her gain more recognition and fans. Moreover, she has also started a skincare and lip care brand named Perfect Storm Collection. All these ventures combined have allowed Stormy to earn millions of dollars.

What is Stormy Wellington’s Net Worth?

Stormy Wellington’s net worth is estimated to be close to $4 million. After her TV debut with ‘Million Dollar Hustle,’ she is bound to earn many more opportunities in this industry, which will significantly inflate her value and income in the coming years.

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