What is Teddy Hart’s Net Worth?

Peacock’s ‘Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats.’ revolves around the life of controversial professional wrestler Teddy Hart and his alleged involvement in the disappearance of Samantha Fiddler. While Teddy was quick to rise through the ranks of professional wrestling and made quite a name for himself in the field, he used his experience to train other aspiring wrestlers. However, his brilliant career seemed to be marred by a myriad of controversies and run-ins with the law. Nevertheless, if you are eager to know more about Teddy and what his current net worth might be, we have you covered.

How Did Teddy Hart Make His Money?

A native of Alberta, Canada, Teddy was interested in wrestling from a young age and made his debut at 15 years of age in 1995. In the following year, he went on to participate in a World Wrestling Federation match, which led to him signing a developmental contract with the WWF in 1998. The contract made him the youngest wrestler ever to be offered such a deal by the federation, and the WWF made Teddy immensely popular. Unfortunately, the show alleges that his attitude made it difficult for organizations to work with him, and Teddy took his leave from the WWF in 2002 before moving on to Philadelphia-based Ring of Honor in 2003. Besides, Teddy even wrestled for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling but was eventually let go as sources claimed he got into a feud with CM Punk.

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In 2004, Teddy, along with his tag team, The Hart Foundation, announced their entry into Major League Wrestling, where they earned quite a bit of fame and success. However, determined to expand his career further, Teddy began exploring other wrestling promotions and became closely associated with Jersey All-Pro Wrestling in 2004. Interestingly, while Teddy performed at Jersey All-Pro Wrestling from 2004 to 2007, he jumped at the opportunity to return to WWE and did so in 2005. Eventually, in April 2006, World Wrestling Entertainment re-signed him and had him compete in several top-tier matches.

Nevertheless, by this time, Teddy had grown tired of the professional wrestling industry and looked to make his mark in the independent circuit. According to reports, he started performing independently in 2006 while being a part of other promotions, including Wrestling Society X (from 2006 to 2007), JAPW (from 2007 to 2008), and Ring of Honor in 2009. Additionally, Teddy has also performed for the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide wrestling promotion in Mexico. After returning from AAA in 2013, Teddy re-entered the independent circuit the following year and even re-signed with Major League Wrestling with a contract that lasted from 2017 to 2018. Moreover, in 2018, he opted to have another go at AAA, but the association lasted for a single year as, by 2019, he was back in the United States, competing independently. Moreover, readers will be interested to know that apart from wrestling, Teddy trained other aspiring wrestlers and ran a business buying and selling Persian cats.

Teddy Hart’s Net Worth?

Unfortunately, Teddy’s incredibly successful career has been marred by numerous controversies and a lengthy criminal record. The show mentions that he has been in and out of jail several times, and while the professional wrestler has been charged with domestic violence, harassment, and sexual abuse, all of those charges have been dropped since. Moreover, the general consensus even believed that Teddy was involved in the 2016 disappearance of his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Fiddler until the FDLE cleared him of all suspicions. Still, the controversies and criminal record seemingly had a negative effect on his net worth. Thus, taking all of Teddy’s avenues of income into account and considering $80,000 as the average annual income for a professional wrestler in the United States, we believe that Teddy’s current net worth is around $8 million.

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