What is the Meaning of 2610 in Unstable? Theories

Image Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Netflix’s comedy series ‘Unstable’ tells the story of Ellis Dragon (Rob Lowe), a genius, eccentric, and widely-admired biotech-mogul, and his relationship with his son (John Owen Lowe), who is the polar opposite of Ellis in more ways than one. A couple of months before the start of the series, Katie, Ellis’ wife and Jackson’s mother, died in an accident. It understandably had a negative impact on both of them, but Ellis’ life, in particular, has spiraled out of control since then. When the board of the company he established and runs starts looking for reasons to fire him, the company’s CFO, Anna Bennet (Sian Clifford), decides to bring Jackson back.

In the world of ‘Unstable,’ Ellis Dragon is a once-in-a-lifetime scientist-inventor-CEO. His company, Dragon, is at the forefront of biotech and environmental conservation research. Many of you may have noticed the number “2610” on the Dragon building and are wondering what that means. Here is what we think on the subject. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Does 2610 Mean?

The viewers can see the number every time there is an outdoor shot of the Dragon building, but interestingly, the characters never address this, at least not in the first season. The number is placed at a location where the company logo is supposed to be, though Dragon’s logo appears to be the name itself (written stylistically, “dragon”). We see the logo indoors — on the walls and on computer and projector screens. So, the number remains a mystery. It is possible that it was meant to be the logo, but the editing took the attention away. However, that is unlikely for a Hollywood production.

Image Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

The next and most probable theory is that 2610 is the building number. We know that it is located in Los Angeles, as Jackson returns to the City of Angels from New York after learning how poorly his father is faring following the death of his mother. Sometimes, the most mundane explanation is the correct one, and this can be one of those times. It is more common than one would think and adds a neat little extra layer to the overall aesthetic of the building.

A third possibility involves Ellis’ narcissism. ‘Unstable’ establishes how narcissistic Ellis is in parallel to his brilliance. Jackson, unlike most people who work for Ellis, has no qualms about calling his father out on this. Ellis knows exactly who he is and the impact he has on the world and those around him. In ‘Unstable,’ in the past, Ellis turned sugarcane husk into a biodegradable plastic-like material. When the series begins, the company is trying to develop a way to turn the greenhouse carbon in the atmosphere into concrete, which they succeed in accomplishing in the season finale.

Given Ellis’ narcissism, it’s possible that he put his birth date on the building, though it hasn’t been confirmed that his birth date is October 26. One problem with this theory is that Americans tend to put the months before the date, and this is clearly days before the months.

It can also be some other important date in Ellis’ life. From what the other characters say, Katie was very much a part of the company and how it became a successful venture. So, 2610 can denote her birth date, or more likely, the day she and Ellis got married. It can also mean Jackson’s birthday or Dragon’s founding day. However, all these theories encounter the same hurdle as the one about Ellis’ birthday.

Image Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

If we ignore that for a moment, another possibility comes forth. We can speculate that the number was installed recently, commemorating Katie’s death. We know that Ellis hasn’t been doing well since the accident. He kidnaps Leslie, the board-recommended therapist, after the man tries to blackmail him and sets fire to the car belonging to one of the closest friends of his family, Jean, after she betrays Jackson’s trust. His son’s return helps him get his issues under control, but that doesn’t mean they have gone away for good. Perhaps, if there are more seasons of ‘Unstable,’ we will get an official explanation of 2610. For now, the mystery around it adds to the complexity of the narrative.

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