What Is the No. 7 in Raised by Wolves? What Happened to It?

Image Credit: Coco Van Oppens / HBO Max

Lamia (Amanda Collin) was originally created as a necromancer robot by the Mithraic, capable of immense destruction. This group of androids played a pivotal role in the Mithraic’s ultimate victory in the war with the atheists. However, Lamia was captured by the brilliant atheist technician Campion Sturges and transformed into a caregiver. He called her the mother of humanity before sending her, along with a male service android and six embryos, to Kepler-22b. Six children are eventually born from those embryos. Among them is Campion, named after the creator of the two androids. Campion and his siblings call the service android Father and Lamia Mother. Unfortunately, all the children except Campion perish one after the other. In the second season of ‘Raised by Wolves,’ Campion, Father, and Mother speak about No. 7. Here is what you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Is the No. 7?

No. 7 refers to the 7th child of Mother. Unlike the previous six, this one was born from her body. Earlier in the series, Mother finds a simulation pod, which helps her get a glimpse at her past and discover in what circumstances she was selected to be the virtual progenitor of humanity. She learns that Campion Sturges loved her, and she, despite not understanding the extent and meaning of such emotions, reciprocated them. She subsequently revisits the simulation pod often, reliving her memories with her creator.

In episode 8, titled ‘Mass,’ Mother discovers that she has a foreign object inside her and tries to remove it, but her programming as a caregiver stops her from going through it. She then feeds it fuel blood. After she kills one of the seemingly native creatures, its blood rejuvenates her, making her realize whatever is inside her is a biochemical entity.

Image Credit: Coco Van Oppens / HBO Max

By scanning a metallic card, Mother has a vision of an ancient android with a dodecahedral body. She later discovers that this android also underwent a similar birthing process. Mother goes back to the simulation pod, where her creator affirms that she is indeed pregnant. He also states that she and Father were tasked to take care of the first six embryos to prepare them for the seventh one. Ultimately, a serpent-like creature comes out of her mouth, making her realize that it wasn’t Campion Sturges that she was speaking to in the simulation.

What Happened to No. 7?

Image Credit: Coco Van Oppens / HBO Max

Mother and Father decide to destroy the serpent. They take the lander and dive into one of the pits with the creature inside. They drive the lander toward the planet’s core, believing the heat will destroy the creature and them. However, almost miraculously, the lander passes through the core and eventually exits on the other side of the planet. This is the tropical zone. The creature grows exponentially in a short time and eventually escapes. In ‘Raised by Wolves’ season 2 episode 2, it reappears and inadvertently causes the deaths of several atheist colonists.

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