Was Dalia Dippolito an Escort?

Dalia Dippolito gained notorious attention across the nation when she was caught red-handed, trying to fix the murder of her then-husband, Michael Dippolito. The two things she did not know at the time was that the hitman she had hired was an undercover police officer, with the other important detail being the video recording that caught every word of what she said. When the video came out to the public, people could not believe the extent up to which Dippolito had gone to get her husband executed. This was not the end of it, a staged act by the Boynton Beach police caught her once again on tape, sobbing about the fake news of her dead husband, detailed exactly in the manner she wanted the crime to be done.

This then saw a series of trials with many outcomes. A case being overturned, a hung jury, and then finally a verdict that stayed. In 2017, she was found guilty of solicitation to first-degree murder and was then sentenced to prison for 16 years. If we backtrack to the kind of life she had led before and soon after she met Michael Dippolito, there are some interesting details right there.

Was Dalia Dippolito an Escort or a Porn Actress?

Yes, Dalia Dippolito was an escort before she met Michael Dippolito. She is believed to have had a way around men, many of whom found her attractive. She met Michael Dippolito on a dating site. Mark Ebner, an author and journalist who co-authored, ‘Poison Candy: The Murderous Madam; Inside Dalia Dippolito’s Plot to Kill’ details the kind of person Dalia was before and after she met Michael. In an interview, he said: “He called her up, made an arrangement, she showed up at his office, he liked what he saw. Within a short period of time, he divorced his wife, and he found himself married.”

Photo Credit: Dalia and Michael Dippolito/ ABC News

He even went ahead to say that she is a woman who more or less knows where she wants to go in life. The former escort is also believed to have been in communication with two of her former lovers even though she was married to Michael. Though not many details are available on how exactly they met, her partners in love surely ended up being partners in crime too. One of her former boyfriends, Mohamed Shihadeh, was the one who revealed her plans to the police. She is also believed to have stolen money from Michael, using another ex of hers to con him into thinking they were medical expenses. These accounts of Dalia proved as a means for her to come across quite negatively to the public.

In a segment with ABC, Michael said, “We got along really well. Our sex life was amazing, and that was part of the whole reason, you know, I was so into her, and I thought she was into me.” In any case, the grip she had over her own life was turned upside down when she was found guilty of plotting her husband’s murder.

Meanwhile, there has also been a growing interest among the viewers to know more about Dalia Dippolito’s previous life. Some have even gone on to the extent of assuming Dalia Dippolito was a nude model. Well, in our research we didn’t find any evidence suggesting that Dippolito ever did any kind of nude modeling. She earned money by selling sex, but soon found a shorter way of becoming rich. 

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