When and Where Does Jack Ryan Season 4 Take Place? Timeline, Explained

Image Credit: Attila Szvacsek/Prime Video

Prime Video’s ‘Jack Ryan’ returns with a fourth and final season where the eponymous character faces his most challenging mission yet. With Elizabeth Wright taking over as the director and Ryan becoming the deputy director of the CIA, all the mess created by their predecessor comes to light. They have to clean up everything while trying to keep the reputation and integrity of the agency intact. Meanwhile, two powerful criminal organizations have joined hands and are planning to expand their operations, which will lead to devastating consequences.

The season, which unfolds over six episodes, demands urgency on the part of Ryan and the people trying to stop the bad guys, who turn out to be people higher up the ladder than anyone could have imagined. The season’s quick pacing and shifting locations add urgency to the plot. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4’s timeline and setting. SPOILERS AHEAD

After the Sokol Incident: Jack Ryan’s Timeline in Season 4

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One of the things that make ‘Jack Ryan’ such a compelling watch is its pacing. In all its seasons, the show has stuck to a fast pace rather than relying on a slow burn. It keeps Ryan on his feet, making every second count as the clock ticks on the future of his country and the world. The fourth season, too, ups the ante by reducing the number of episodes and the timeline in which Ryan and his team have to avert the danger to national security.

The events in the fourth season take place sometime after Ryan’s last mission, where he went rogue and was chased after by his own agency. The Sokol mission is referenced in the first episode, where Ryan appears for a hearing before the Senate, and they ask him about his recent involvement in the events that took place between the Russian and American navies. This shows that Ryan’s reputation has brought him the reputation of someone not afraid to go against authority, and they worry if this is the precedent he will set in the future.

The season also puts a timer on Ryan’s mission with its opening scene, where we find him being held captive and tortured in Myanmar. This happens three weeks after the assassination of Nigeria’s President Udoh, which leads Ryan to shut down shady operations run by Miller and discover the existence of Pluto.

Myanmar and Mexico: The Backdrop of Jack Ryan Season 4

Image Credit: Attila Szvacsek/Prime Video

Each season of ‘Jack Ryan’ puts the protagonist in the middle of a threat that often stems from foreign forces. This time, the danger to the nation’s security comes from Myanmar and Mexico as two criminal organizations find common ground to benefit both of them. The focal event occurs in Lagos, Nigeria when President Udoh is assassinated when a team of elite soldiers breaks into his house.

This incident raises questions about the involvement of the CIA, which causes ripples in Washington, DC, where Jack Ryan now spends most of his time. He and Wright are in the middle of getting signed in as the deputy director and director of the CIA. While getting acquainted with the responsibilities of their new job, they try to make sense of the mess left behind by former director Thomas Miller.

Meanwhile, things take a serious turn in Myanmar, where Chao Fah, the leader of the Silver Lotus Triad, is in the midst of finalizing a deal with the Marquez cartel in Mexico. If everything goes well, both criminal organizations will have unprecedented resources and power at their disposal, and this does not spell anything good for the US. The Triad operates from Shan State in Myanmar. We get a glimpse into Fah’s Wukong Palace Casino and his base of operations in Low Sang.

In Mexico, the Marquez Cartel operates from Yucatan. This is where Domingo Chavez has been for a while, infiltrating the cartel as a part of Project Pluto. His mission is to await order while doing whatever Marquez asks of him. However, it is much later that he discovers he is being used as a pawn. Still, to get to the bottom of the truth, he must stay there and ensure the bad guys are caught.

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