When Calls the Heart: Will Madeline and Bill End Up Together? Theories

In Hallmark’s ‘When Calls the Heart,’ Bill Avery evades a serious ailment with the help of the hot springs and regains his strength and vigor in season 10. Yet, the sudden arrival of the mysterious Madeline St. John and her son, Jamie, throws him off guard. Despite his reluctance and initial disdain, he finds himself strangely attracted to her, yet she seems to have an agenda of her own. Given Bill and Madeline’s chemistry and their growing friendship, fans are naturally curious to know if there is any potential for them to end up as a couple. Well, let’s discuss the possibilities for the same, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD!

Will Madeline and Bill End Up Together?

Bill finds a miraculous remedy to his respiratory ailment by bathing in the hot springs, yet he is reluctant to share the information with anyone. However, when the news of the hot springs goes viral and tourists start flocking to Hope Valley, he feels annoyed at having to share his discovery. Madeline St. John, a wealthy young widow from Philadelphia, and her young son, Jamie, are one such pair of tourists who irk Bill on their very first day in town. Not only does he have to share the hot springs, but he is forced to share his booth at the saloon with her.

Gradually, Bill warms up to Jamie and learns that Madeline is not as entitled as he made her to be, and hence, his perception of her begins changing. Moreover, she is undeniably beautiful and charming, and his friends, like Mike and Nathan, start noticing that he is mildly in awe of her. Yet, Bill rubbishes their theories and insists he doesn’t like Madeline romantically. Besides, when he learns she is looking to buy land in Hope Valley, he initially hides the information about his own available land from her, as he suspects her intentions after learning her specific requirements.

Nevertheless, Bill slowly melts after seeing Madeline’s supposedly difficult situation, and when she tries to leave town, he swoops in and saves her by offering to sell her his land. Though she does get what she has wanted, she still informs Jamie that they shall be returning to Philadelphia since her work in Hope Valley is done. While Bill tries to be friendly with her, she suddenly starts acting strangely and behaves distantly. Nevertheless, Madeline again has a change of heart seeing her son’s happiness in the town and chooses to extend her stay.

Coming to Madeline and Bill’s equation, while there are definitely a lot of chances they end up together romantically, there are still many roadblocks ahead of them. The biggest one is her actual intention of coming to Hope Valley, which she has managed to hide from Bill for now. There is evidently a massive secret Madeline hides about her true motives for arriving in town, given her telephonic conversations with an unknown entity. Besides, the caller even warns her to hurry up her job, but she visibly starts warming up to the townspeople and hesitates to harm them.

While Bill and Madeline do have closeness, whenever her secret is exposed, it shall not be a pleasant situation for their potential relationship. Apart from the romantic hurt, the former is also a man of the law, so if she is indeed involved in some shady dealings, it shall heavily pit them against one another. Furthermore, Bill’s painful experiences with his ex-wife and Abigail’s departure from Hope Valley have somewhat embittered him, and there are chances he feels he is not ready for another romance.

Regardless, Bill does take Nathan’s advice and tries approaching Madeline, yet she seems hesitant to get attached to him. This is likely because the young widow feels torn between her duty and her growing feelings for him, so she could face difficulties choosing between them. That said, she may decide to abandon her original plan, which is reportedly not in favor of Hope Valley, for the sake of her son’s happiness and her sudden attraction to Bill.

Not just that, Madeline could even choose to come clean to Bill about her true intentions, but it is up to him whether he respects her honesty or is unforgiving toward her. In summation, though it is yet to be seen whether the two act upon their newfound feelings and pursue each other openly, one thing is certain — when and how Madeline’s true agenda of coming to Hope Valley is revealed shall indeed have a severe impact on her equation with Bill.

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