When Did Frasier Have a TV Show? What Happened to His Radio Show?

Paramount+’s revival of the beloved sitcom ‘Frasier‘ finds the titular character making a fresh start in Boston, but as Frasier has learned the hard way, the past can be difficult to escape. The same theme recurs in the show’s third episode when Frasier finds it difficult to escape the shadow of his long and lustrous television career. Given how little is known about Frasier’s television career up until now and the absence of Frasier’s fan-favorite radio show from the new iteration, viewers, old and new, must be looking for an explanation about Frasier’s career trajectory in the media landscape. In that case, here is everything you need to know about Frasier’s TV and radio show! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Frasier’s Unseen TV Career

In the 2023 revival of ‘Frasier,’ Dr. Frasier Crane’s move to Boston brings about a major career change for the psychiatrist. After deciding to stay in Boston to rekindle his relationship with his son, Frasier accepts a job as a faculty at Harvard University. Despite Frasier’s enthusiasm to become an academic inspiration to his new students, he finds his teaching career quickly overshadowed by his television career. In the original show’s final episode, Frasier is offered a chance to host a television show. However, he must move to San Francisco if he accepts the job. The series ends with the revelation that Frasier moved to Chicago to resume his romance with Charlotte.

The first episode of the new series confirms that while Frasier went on to have a long-term relationship with Charlotte, he also fulfilled his dream of hosting his own television show. However, Frasier’s turn as a television star goes largely unseen as it occurs between the end of the original series and the start of the revival. In the revival’s third episode, viewers briefly get to glimpse the television show ‘Dr. Crane Show,’ which Frasier hosted. However, Frasier expresses his displeasure with the show’s direction in later seasons as it leaned more toward showmanship instead of psychiatry. Nontheless, Frasier’s television career lasted nearly fifteen years, as his show was on air for fourteen seasons, presumably between 2003 and 2018.

Frasier’s Unforgettable Radio Show

Fans of the original show will remember Frasier as a radio talk show host during his time in Seattle. After the end of ‘Cheers,’ where the character was originally introduced, Frasier’s life undergoes a dramatic turn when he returns to his hometown at the start of his self-titled series. Frasier’s radio talk show is introduced fairly early in the show’s run, as he is already a host in the pilot episode. Frasier hosts a show on KACL 780 AM Talk Radio as an on-air psychiatrist, with his longtime friend Roz Doyle as a producer. The original series’ plotlines often revolve around Frasier’s challenges as an on-air psychiatrist or the hijinks at the radio station in general.

In the sixth season, Frasier briefly loses his job at KACL after the radio station undergoes a drastic overhaul in its programming. However, in the ninth episode, KACL returns to its original format, with Frasier and his colleagues returning to their jobs. Frasier continued his radio career for nearly eleven years, and his tenure finally concludes in the series finale when he accepts a job offer to become a television host, seeking to start a new chapter in his life.

In the series finale, Frasier delivers one last radio show episode and thanks his listeners and staff before signing off. The series finale is titled ‘Goodnight, Seattle,’ after Frasier’s signature closing words. By the time the revival series picks up, Frasier’s radio career has been done for nearly two decades. Moreover, with the new beginnings being a major theme of the revival, it is unlikely that Frasier will return to being a radio show host. Nonetheless, Frasier’s hilarious insights on the radio show will be dearly missed by fans in this new era.

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