Where Are Alex and Whitney From Marriage or Mortgage Now?

Netflix’s ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ is a faceoff between co-hosts Nichole Holmes, a real estate agent, and Sarah Miller, a wedding planner. Each episode features a couple looking to use their savings to take the next big step in their relationship but cannot decide whether they should spend the money on a house that will secure their future or a wedding that will symbolize their love for all to see. As Nichole and Sarah try to outdo each other in fulfilling the couple’s dreams, they show them an incredible array of possibilities for their future house or future wedding, whichever the couple decides to go forward with.

Alexandra Morgan and Whitney Christian face this choice in episode 6 of ‘Marriage or Mortgage,’ and though they are very clear on what they want, having to choose between their dream house and a dream wedding ends up being tougher than they thought. Let’s take a look at what Alex and Whitney finally chose to spend their savings on and how it’s all working out for them down the road.

Alex and Whitney: Marriage or Mortgage Journey

At the time of filming their episode, Alex and Whitney, a young couple who are both nurses at the same hospital, were living in a rented apartment in Nashville that they found both too small to raise a family in and too expensive to be sustainable. The two had recently gotten engaged and had been with each other for two years before that. Working long hours together and living in the same apartment, they spent almost all their time together.

Being young and outspoken, both Alex and Whitney were eager to show the world their love and wanted their wedding to be a close reflection of themselves. From complimentary wedding gowns to a modified altar made specifically to be a backdrop for two brides, the couple had high expectations for their wedding. When Sarah delivered on them all, they chose to have the wedding instead of putting money on the house.

Where Are Alex and Whitney Now?

Three months after making the decision, on February 29, 2020, Alex and Whitney had a beautiful and intimate wedding of their dreams in front of a gorgeous custom-made ring-shaped altar. They later decided to continue staying on in their apartment until they had saved enough for their own house. Both Alex and Whitney lead busy lives and continue to be emergency room nurses at Tristar Skyline Medical Center in Nashville.

The hospital, incidentally, is also where Alex and Whitney met and fell in love. Whitney had already been working there for a few years when Alex joined, and on her first day, she was teamed up with Whitney because their supervisor thought that they would get along well. Talk about prophetic! Whitney also has a second career as a real estate agent with the firm Your Nashville Agent, LLC.

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