Where Are Bree and Ben From The Wedding Coach Now?

‘The Wedding Coach’ comes from Netflix’s growing stable of wedding reality series and offers up some truly tongue-in-cheek moments as comedian and former bride Jamie Lee helps “soon-to-be weds” smooth out the final preparations of their wedding. Helped along the way by a host of colorful comedians who come on board to further assist and advise the couple, the show takes a look at the quirky and unexpected issues that crop up just before and during the big day.

Episode 2 introduces the ambitious couple Bree and Ben, who are stressing out over having to plan a traditional Nigerian wedding to appease Ben’s family. The wedding is a success, but what about after? We were very curious to know what happened with Bree and Ben and see just what they’ve been up to since they appeared on ‘The Wedding Coach.’ Here’s everything we uncovered.

Bree and Ben: The Wedding Coach Journey

Bree and Ben’s journey on ‘The Wedding Coach’ was an interesting one. The young couple from Fort Worth, Texas, had been planning their wedding for 2 years and wanted to have a large-scale traditional Nigerian wedding. Despite Bree not being from Nigeria, she wanted to have a traditional wedding to please Ben’s family, the Ajayi’s, who are well known in the Nigerian community.

With their plans came a whole host of problems, not the least of which was the fact that all the traditional dresses and decorations for the wedding were to be handmade in Nigeria. Bree was further stressed by Ben’s officious mother and his loud college friend Carson who had a history of getting drunk and embarrassing himself and others. In the end, Jamie’s main priority was to ensure that Bree was able to get over her stress and enjoy the wedding.

To help her smoothen over any expected or unexpected bumps, Jamie recruited her friend and comedian Jon Gabrus, who is known for his wedding speeches and refers to himself as a “professional party animal.” Together the two brainstormed and helped Bree pick which of her friends would give the wedding speech, and even organized a small group counseling session with other “spouses to be” to help Bree calm her nerves. The wedding, in the end, was an absolute success, with Bree’s friend giving a heartwarming speech and Carson behaving himself. Even Ben’s stoic mother looked very happy and close to tears whilst embracing the newly married couple.

Where Are Bree and Ben Now?

Bree Bozeman and Ben Ajayi got married on September 7, 2019, at Riverbend Church in Austin, Texas. The two got the traditional Nigerian wedding that they wanted and continue to live in Fort Worth, Texas, where Bree runs a counseling company called Time To Exhale Counseling. She provides individual and couples therapy as well as counseling for a long list of various needs.

Around the time of the wedding, Ben started working as the Community Outreach Coordinator at the public transportation company Trinity Metro in Arlington, Texas. He was employed there till October 2020 and regularly hosted their official podcast. Since then, he is a full-time writer and creator who brings underrepresented stories to the forefront through different forms of art.

His website is called ‘Where You Ben,’ and not only he offers editing and content creation advice, but he also operates his own blog. The website also features ‘Fiasco,’ a comic book series created and written by Ben. The entrepreneurial couple looks to be in a happy place with their respective projects and seemed more in love than ever when they celebrated Bree’s 30th birthday in 2020.

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