Where Are Chuck and Judy Miller Now?

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ABC News’ ’20/20′ is well known for its interviews and true crime investigative reports. A chilling episode of the show, ‘You’ve Got Jail,’ delves into the shocking murder of Bruce Miller and how the authorities discovered a sinister plot to have him killed. The investigation led them to Bruce’s wife, Sharee, and her lover, Jerry Cassaday. The episode features interviews with Bruce’s brother and sister-in-law, Chuck and Judy Miller. So, if you’re curious to find out more about them, here’s what we know!

Who Are Chuck and Judy Miller?

At the time of the incident in November 1999, Bruce Miller seemed to be happily married to Sharee for just a few months. Chuck recalled, “She (Sharee) always said Bruce was the best thing that ever happened to her. She finally had a normal life and wasn’t being moved around and had someone who could afford to make her happy.” Sharee, a mother of three, finally seemed to have a stable life and a home for her children.

Loved ones, though, had qualms about Sharee’s spending habits. They felt it was too much, with her regularly maxing out credit cards. While things seemed alright, everything changed on November 8, 1999, when Bruce didn’t come home from work at his salvage yard. A worried Sharee called Bruce’s brother Chuck, asking him to check on her husband. So, Chuck and Judy headed down to the yard in Flint, Michigan, only to find Bruce shot to death with a shotgun. Judy immediately called 911.

The authorities initially thought it was a robbery since Bruce’s money was missing. However, as the days wore on, the family began to suspect Sharee. Judy said, “Sharee’s behavior didn’t gel with most people’s notion of a grieving spouse.” She was spotted dancing at a local bar just days after Bruce’s death. Later, Sharee began dating a local man named Jeff Foster, who eventually moved into the house.

In February 2000, the suicide of Jerry Cassaday in Odessa, Missouri, led the authorities to a treasure trove of evidence. They learned that Sharee had been having an affair with Jerry, whom she met in an online chat room. In a letter, Jerry confessed to killing Bruce and asserted Sharee persuaded him to do it. He left behind a suitcase filled with printouts of their online conversations. This evidence was crucial in convicting Sharee of murder and conspiracy later on.

Where Are Chuck and Judy Miller Now?

While Sharee was convicted, the decision was overturned in 2008, much to the disappointment of the Miller family. While Chuck said he couldn’t stand the fact that she was being released, Judy said, “You know, and she says she’s changed and she wants to help people she’s hurt. Well, she hasn’t reached out to any of us to see, you know, how much hurt she caused our family. I think until she can accept the responsibility for that, I don’t believe anything she has to say.” Eventually, Sharee was ordered back to prison a few years later. Since then, the Millers have maintained a low profile, and from what we can tell, they still live in Michigan.

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