Where Are Floor is Lava’s Zip Zap Zop Now?

Netflix’s ‘Floor is Lava‘ provides the participants to truly enjoy one of the classic childhood games in a manner never-seen-before. The reality show asks multiple teams of three to reach a certain point in a specially designed room while navigating the presented obstacles. However, should a player fall down, they sink into bubbling red lava that fills the bottom of the room. In each episode, the top two teams battle it out by racing each other to the top of the Volcano, and the winners take home $10,000, and the Floor is Lava Lamp.

Many of the teams featured in the third installment show have wowed the audience with their impressive teamwork and abilities. Zip Zap Zop may not have had the best of the starts, but they were able to easily impress the viewers and fellow teams thanks to their performance. If you are wondering where the trio is up to these days, here is what we know about the same!

Zip Zap Zop’s Floor is Lava Journey

The fifth and final episode of ‘Floor is Lava’ season 3 featured improv artists Zach, Robert, and Marita. The trio decided to name themselves after a popular improv activity called Zip Zap Zop. Each member of the group was ready to show their energy and athletic skills in order to truly beat the challenge in front of them. For their first round, the three were asked to navigate the Kid’s Room, which features large-scale kid’s toys as landing platforms.

At the very beginning, Marta misjudged a jump and fell down into the lava. Determined to not let the loss deter them, Zach and Robert forged ahead and proved their communication skills by successfully navigating a major portion of the course. The two were able to reach the last stages of the challenge, with Zach successfully jumping to the exit point. However, during a tricky jump shortly before the exit, Robert was unable to maintain a steady grip and drowned in the lava.

Despite only scoring a single point, Zip Zap Zop performed better than the other two teams, which led them to the final round. The team had to face the Unstoppables in a race to the top of the Volcano. In the start, the Unstoppables seemed to have a marginally better lead. However, when it came to the climbing part, Zip Zap Zop showcased their excellent team skills and was able to win the competition. We are sure you are curious about what the three have been up to, and we have just the answers you need!

Where Are Zip Zap Zop Now?

Zach, Robert, and Marita, the members of Zip Zap Zop, are improv artists. The trio seems dedicated to the art and pretty enthusiastic about activities and tidbits related to the same. It is highly likely that the three are based in Los Angeles, California, though not a lot of information about them is available in the public space. Regardless of their presence in the limelight, we are sure that they must be delighted with the amount they were able to win together, thanks to their performance on the Netflix series. We wish them the very best in their lives and hope their future ventures are just as profitable.

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