Where Are Glow Up Season 1 Contestants Now?

Glow Up’ is a reality TV show that seeks out Britain’s best makeup artist. From creating a perfect black lip to doing a colorful cut crease, the contestants faced it all in the first season. It was hosted by Stacy Dooley and judged by Dominic Skinner and Val Garland, who are professionals in the industry. Guest judges like NikkieTutorials and Kim Chi were also invited. If you’re curious about the participants of season 1 and what they’re up to now, you’re in the right place. 

Ellis Atlantis

Before the show, Ellis worked at a beauty counter in a department store. However, his life has changed since the show. Not only did he take home the crown, but he has also been assisting and working with some of the biggest names in the industry. He has worked at the Cannes Film Festival with judge Val Garland and also at Men’s Fashion Week. You can check out his jaw-dropping drag looks, amongst other creations, on his Instagram profile. 


Nikki Patel

The runner up for the first season, Nikki was already a working makeup artist before she joined the show. She is from London. She has her own YouTube channel with more than 230k subscribers, and her Instagram has amassed a massive fan base of more than 810k followers. Since the show, it seems like she has been busy working on her content for her social media outlets. 


Leigh Easthope 

A self-taught makeup artist, Leigh has definitely come a long way since the show ended. Although he still works full time in Learning and Development, this does not mean he is not devoting any time to makeup. In fact, he works as a freelancer and has also worked at weddings and for a short film. Apart from this, he has also taught many masterclasses, including those for SFX. He also made it to the Nyx Face Awards Top 20. He regularly uploads his work to social media, and you can check out his looks there. 



The makeup artist from Newcastle has certainly left an impression on the viewers. Her looks are a little different from the other participants, as she loves illusion makeup. After her time on the show, she has been working hard on her Instagram feed and has said in an interview that she would open her mind to all different opportunities that come her way. Belinda and her husband, Robert Chatterton, welcomed their daughter into the world in July 2020.


Tiffany Hunt

Tiffany is a professional makeup artist from Nottingham and was the winner of the Nyx Face Awards UK in 2019. Her work has also been featured in British Vogue. She constantly creates beautiful looks across multiple genres for her half a million followers on Instagram. From cartoon characters to editorial makeup, you can see it all on her feed. 



Steph graduated with a BA in 2019, and since then has been working as a makeup artist. Her Instagram bio states that she is an entrepreneur, along with being a multi-skilled and award-winning makeup artist and designer for film and TV. She was also in charge of the hair, makeup, prosthetics, and practical effects for the film ‘The Gardener.’ 


Brandon Lunan 

Now Brana Alunan, the makeup artist from Blackpool had yet to transition when she appeared on the show. Brana began transitioning from male to female in December 2018, with the help of hormone replacement therapy. She is also vocal about social issues like #BLM and body positivity (especially since her transformation) on Instagram. You can keep up with her life and her marvelous makeup looks on her social media. 


Paige Cole

Post the show, it is evident that Paige has held some very lucrative jobs. Her Instagram bio states that she is a key makeup artist for Bree Runway, and also works on BBC’s Misfit Salon in a similar capacity. Paige also posts some really unique transformations that showcase her skill on her feed as well. 


Mathieu Dausmann

If you were to visit Mathieu’s Instagram account, you’d see some hauntingly disturbing yet creative makeup looks thanks to his usage of special effects. He does a great job of taking inspiration from daily life and turning it into a dystopian version of itself. His work, though similar to his peer in skill, is dissimilar in the outcome, making his profile one of the more unique ones. 


Dina Schofield 

Dina is a certified MAC makeup artist. One look at her work on social media affirms her skills. She can create almost any look under the sun, from detail-oriented body art to an effortlessly natural look. With 26k followers on her profile, she is the perfect example of an all-rounder when it comes to makeup as a skill.


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