Where Are Hansie Cronje’s Wife and Siblings Now?

Hansie Cronje’s fall from grace in the cricketing world is chronicled in Netflix’s ‘Bad Sport: Fallen Idol.’ One of the best to have ever played for the South African national cricket team, Hansie was embroiled in controversy with match-fixing allegations, and he eventually admitted to taking money from bookmakers. After the inquiry into the allegations, Hansie was banned from cricket for life. Difficult as it was, he always had the support of his family, with his wife, brother, and sister forming a big part of his life. So, let’s find out where they might be today, shall we?

Who Are Hansie Cronje’s Wife and Siblings?

Hansie Cronje married Bertha in 1995. She later called him her passion and her calling. Bertha was incredibly supportive of Hansie throughout his career, although she did mention on the show that he spent a lot of time away because of his cricketing assignments. When Hansie testified during his hearing, he talked of hiding money from Bertha. He would tell her that he earned money through bonuses and benefits, but part of it came from match-fixing pay-offs.

Eventually, Hansie was banned from cricket. But Bertha thought some good came out of it, saying, “It was hard for both of us for a while, but there’s always a good side to things. While he was banned from cricket, he was at home with me, and we had the best years of our lives together.” Hansie landed a job as a financial manager, and they were thinking of having children when tragedy struck them. In 2002, Hansie died in a plane crash while returning home from Johannesburg, South Africa. Bertha later said of Hansie, “To me, he was always a hero, always honorable.”

As a child, Hansie grew up with an older brother, Frans, and a younger sister, Hester. On the show, Frans stated they didn’t have a lot of wealth when they were younger, with both their parents being teachers. Frans also pursued cricket, playing a few domestic matches. Hester, who was close to Hansie, talked of how much he regretted his decisions, “My brother felt so much remorse. He’d often say, ‘I’m so terribly sorry, I’ve brought shame to our family name.'”

Where Are Hansie Cronje’s Wife and Siblings Now?

About two years after Hansie’s death, Bertha married Jacques du Plessis, an auditor. Hansie’s family attended the wedding. She used to work as a physiotherapist and has two children. Bertha still lives in South Africa with her family and remembers Hansie fondly. She said, “Hansie will always play a very important part in my life. I will never forget him and what he strived for. He will always remain deep in my heart.”

Frans forayed into the world of film and has donned multiple hats since then. He has been a producer, director, writer, and actor. He produced ‘Hansie,’ based on his brother’s life, that was released in 2008. Frans now lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with his wife, Rene. They have a son and a daughter. Hester, a teacher, is married to a former cricketer, Gordon Parsons, and they have two children. She lives with her family in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

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