Where Are Hayley and Andrew from Marriage or Mortgage Now?

Netflix’s reality show ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ explores the dilemma that a lot of couples go through, of whether to spend their savings on a wedding to celebrate their love or on a house that will secure their future. Going one step further, the show is co-hosted by real estate agent Nichole Holmes and wedding planner Sarah Miller, who go above and beyond to find everything that a couple is looking for in their dream home or wedding and offer it to them within their budget. The couple now has to make the difficult decision of choosing between their dreams.

Hayley and Andrew are one such couple, featured on episode 7 of ‘Marriage or Mortgage,’ who had to make the choice. Except, for them, getting married and getting their own house both seemed like urgent necessities. What did they choose, and what are they up to now? If you have these questions, we have the answers for you.

Hayley and Andrew: Marriage or Mortgage Journey

At the time of filming their episode, Hayley and Andrew had been engaged for a little over a year. The two of them shared an apartment with Andrew’s roommate Tyler and his dog, making things quite cramped for the couple. Being active members of the church, they both hosted regular church groups and found it very difficult to do so in their small apartment. What they needed was a house of their own, with space for themselves and their church groups.

However, apart from being able to celebrate their love with their families and church community, there was a very urgent reason for them to get married. The two had taken celibacy vows to honor their religious beliefs. This meant that every night, Andrew would leave their shared apartment and go stay with a friend of his who lived down the road, as the couple did not allow themselves to spend a night under the same roof.

Despite them being very excited by the idea of being able to have the bohemian-themed wedding of their dreams, including hot sauce party favors to signify Southern obsession with the condiment, they eventually chose to spend their money on the downpayment for a house that seemed to meet all their requirements.

Where Are Hayley and Andrew Now?

When Andrew and Hayley first bought their dream house, they got all the space they needed but still had to sleep apart. Since they were not married, Hayley would sleep at her friend’s house down the road. However, viewers will be happy to learn that they now live together in their dream house as Andrew and Hayley have since tied the knot. The happy couple got married on October 10, 2020, at Rock Castle State Historic Site in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Apart from their involvement in church, they both have successful careers in the music industry. Hayley works as Manager of Marketing and Artist Development at the Reviver Entertainment Group (as she has for the past five years). Andrew has a career with Big Machine Label Group (BMLG Records), where he is Director of Northeast Promotion and Marketing.

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