Where Are Jason Carter’s Siblings Now?

‘Accused: Guilty or Innocent’ goes through a murder case in Iowa that was the subject of much debate and discussion when its case updates were made public. The unresolved murder case of Shirley Carter is told through the perspective of her son Jason Cater, his family, and the legal defense team, who had to journey through quite the experience to get him acquitted of the crime.  This would not be the first time the case has received much attention, as ‘Dateline’ showcased the case in one of its episodes. It was not just Jason Carter’s father, Bill Carter, who thought he was guilty but also his siblings. 

Bill and Shirley Carter Children: Jana Lain and Billy Carter

Jana Lain and Billy Carter are Jason Carter’s siblings. The three grew up in their family home in Iowa. Prior to the murder, there weren’t any significant difficulties in their relationship. However, as Shirley Carter was found murdered in the family residence, many things changed. It began with a phone call, Jason was very hesitant to make, according to his sister. She made this known to her father and the jury when she testified in court. 

Jason Carter’s first call after allegedly stumbling upon his dead mother’s body was to his sister: Jana Lain. Jana lives near Plano and was shopping at Walmart when she received the call. However, the first call was a missed call as she was checking out. She called him back in a minute to learn about her mother’s death. During the trial, she recalled the conversation. She said, “He said, I come in, and she’s lying here on the floor. I said, Jason, have you called 911?” The answer was no. He apparently said that it was too late as the body was cold and stiff.

After Jason told her that he would not make the 911 call, she made the call herself. However, being in Centerville, she got in touch with an Appanoose County dispatcher. She further said that due to panic, she could not remember her mother’s address. This was when the dispatcher instructed her to contact Jason again to make a call to 911 from the residence. 

Thinking about Jason’s hesitation to call 911, she made a call to her father, Bill. It was then that she broke down the news that his wife had died. The man who was working at the time soon came home to make the call. It was then later learned that Jason had actually made a call to the authorities already. Even though Lain did not think much of this incident, what raised some red flags was when he said he didn’t know about their parents’ gun in the safe. This stood out, as it was he who had purchased the gun. In any case, she was more than convinced of his guilt when Bill filed the lawsuit. 

His brother, Billy Carter, also testified during the trial. He said he was so overcome with emotion that he could not even drive when he heard the news. In addition, he said, “We were bent over, and I was patting him on the back. I said Everything’s going to be okay.” In any case, both the siblings believe in his guilt. In ‘Accused: Guilty or Innocent,’ Jason Carter said, “I am being accused of murdering my mom by my dad, my sister, and my brother.” The last the siblings were seen publicly was during the criminal case trial. One can hope that they are faring well, resolving their pain and tribulations. (Feature Image Credit: Whotv.com)

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