Where Are Juan Galt and Erika Harris Now? The Anarchists Update

As a docuseries that centers around an eclectic group of idealists, fugitives, and crypto-enthusiasts as they push forth the anti-government movement, HBO’s ‘The Anarchists’ is unlike any other. After all, despite the fact every single one of them wished to lead a peaceful life in statelessness, things didn’t work out that way due to disparities as well as conflicts from every conceivable angle. Amongst these individuals, though, were none other than the peaceful Juan Galt and Erika Harris — so now, if you wish to learn more about their current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Where is Juan Galt Now?

While there’s no denying Juan spent most of his 20s surrounded by like-minded anarchists in Acapulco, Mexico, he was just done with the drama and the deaths by the time 2020 came around. He thus packed his bags and left the city, the Anarchapulco conference, as well as seemingly the entire movement for good — he has only maintained the close friendships he’d found along the way. “I started traveling; did a little tour of the world,” he revealed in the original production. “I was such a hard anarchist that the only way I could possibly become de-radicalized was by… experiencing it.”

Therefore, although we’re not sure of Juan’s base at the moment, we do know he has since managed to create a different yet good life for himself as a Street Philosopher and a Bitcoin Evangelist. He actually runs a website under his own name, where he recently even launched the WTF Newsletter to cover not just the continuous global financial trends but also his opinions on the same. From writing detailed blogs to being a “frog connoisseur” to maintaining his position as a minimalist, he does it all; and you can keep up with his endeavors through his social media platforms. We should mention he does not do labels anymore.

Where is Erika Harris Now?

Erika Harris once used to hold a proper 9-5 corporate job, but the “encouragement to dilute yourself” and the sheer pointlessness of everything in her mind drove her to the state of self-rulership. In fact, in the docuseries, she even said, “Anarchy, I really feel, is our natural state. The desire to be and to express yourself. I think that that is just, you know, any child shows…[this is] the natural urge.” The then mid-40-year-old hence decided to relocate to Acapulco to be a part of such a community, only to soon realize there was a complete lack of intention and cohesion.

Erika did try her best to support others, yet when the wealth disparity, social issues, and intrinsic divide got too much, she moved to the eastern coast of Central America — to Belize — to restart again. “After a point, you just didn’t understand it,” she said. “When there’s emergency, when there’s need, when there’s pain, and there’s no one around to have your back, I would question whether you’re in a community.”

As for Erika’s current whereabouts, while it’s unclear if she is still based in Belize or not, it seems like she has moved on to the best of her abilities through mindful and resourceful experiences. From what we can tell, she purposefully does not have a presence on either Facebook or Instagram, but she does have a YouTube channel and runs a blog called Empathic Writer. She actually identifies as a Biophiliac (lover of life), so her calming videos as well as words essentially fuse mindfulness (inner liberation) with sovereignty (outer liberation), as explained in her bio.

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