Where Are Keith Brown and Tyrah Brown Now?

The second half of Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Sins: No Forgiveness: Killer Couples’ chronicles the story of what led to Leslie Carlton Breaw being brutally murdered somewhere in Northern Idaho in 2007. The authorities traced Leslie’s bank transactions to arrest Keith and Tyrah Brown eventually, then a married couple. But the case took another turn when both confessed to the killing. So, if you’re wondering what happened and where they might be today, here’s what we know.

Who Are Keith Brown and Tyrah Brown?

According to the show, Leslie Carlton Breaw had moved to Northern Idaho and owned several rental properties there. Sometime in 2006, he met Keith and Tyrah and offered them jobs to work for him. While things seemed alright initially, it all began to change when Leslie mentioned inheriting a million dollars and wanting to buy a sailboat. Trouble started there, with Leslie suddenly going missing.

In February 2007, the authorities found Leslie’s car abandoned in Bonner County, Idaho, with the keys and most of his belongings inside. However, his bank cards were missing. During a conversation with a neighbor, the police learned that Leslie was last seen around the time Keith was packing up for what seemed like a trip. After looking at Leslie’s bank activity, they realized his cards were being used. Surveillance video from a store showed Keith with the card.

Then, in March 2007, a hiker found Leslie’s decomposed body in the woods near his home. He had been killed with a gunshot wound to the head. The authorities immediately suspected Keith and Tyrah. By then, an escrow check in Leslie’s name worth over $50,000 had been deposited in Tyrah’s bank account. The couple also had an extensive criminal history that included identity theft.

Keith and Tyrah were arrested soon after the body was found, and both made incriminating statements. Furthermore, Tyrah’s co-workers talked about her being inconsistent with Leslie’s supposed travel plans. During questioning, she admitted to forging Leslie’s name and claimed she killed him in self-defense because he raped her. But when Keith was told about Tyrah’s confession, he claimed she wasn’t there when it happened. According to Keith, he killed Leslie due to his alleged disparaging comments about Tyrah. Later, Keith changed his story, claiming the gun went off accidentally after he first shot him in the leg.

Where Are Keith Brown and Tyrah Brown Today?

In February 2009, Tyrah pleaded guilty to being an accessory to second-degree murder and grand theft by possession. Then in her late 20s, she received a suspended sentence. However, Tyrah was then arrested for drug use and eventually spent about two and a half years behind bars. She later applied for divorce from Keith and was released from jail in February 2012. From what we can tell, her last known location is in Idaho.

In September 2010, then 49, Keith entered Alford pleas to voluntary manslaughter and accessory to grand theft. He was sentenced to serve 15 years behind bars with the possibility of parole. Prison records indicate that Keith was released in March 2022. Since then, he has maintained a low profile, and it’s unclear what his current occupation is. It appears that Keith has stayed out of trouble and seems to live in Idaho.

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