Where Are Married At First Sight Season 7 Couples Today?

Love comes in different ways. And for some, it has been through certain reality TV show experiments. That’s right; this age has really revolutionized how people fall in love. Whether it be TV show experiments like ‘Love is Blind‘ or ’90 Day Fiancé, ‘ people have indeed found love through unconventional means. Continuing a legacy of its own, Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight‘ has also led many individuals to come together and fall in love.

‘Married at First Sight’ surely offers a unique spin to it, almost going back to how things probably were in the past. Relationship experts put together couples they think are a good match, followed by them getting married. While this leap of faith in itself is difficult, what is perhaps more difficult is navigating through the relationship and finding reasons to make it work. Understandably so, only a few have managed to travel down this path. And as we take a hike to know what the couples from Season 7 have been up to, you might want to put you reading glasses on.

Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson


First things first, the couple are definitely not together. We probably saw this coming as their relationship was a rocky ride from the start. While that was expected, what nobody really saw coming was the fact that Bally was previously arrested for using her ex-boyfriend’s credit card and stalking him. This was only the beginning of the drama that would soon follow. However, the couple surprised us by deciding to stay married on decision day. This, though, did not last long as Thompson came forward later to reveal that the couple got divorced, and Bally was the one to end it.

Well, all that was in the past. Since the show and the divorce, Bally seems to be working on herself. Her Instagram page is a tell-tale of all the things she has been up to recently. She works with a non-profit named Genesis Women’s Shelter, which helps support women and children who have been at the end of domestic violence. She seems to be socially driven to contribute as she also participated in ‘RunwithMaud’ to vocalize the need for society to do better in the light of Ahmaud Arbery’s case.


She can often be seen posting pictures of herself and friends. By the looks of it, Bally is single and actively promoting what she stands for. She also has her collection exhibited on Amazon.


Thompson, on the other hand, seems to have found joy in embracing someone else into his life. Since he has moved on from his ‘Married at First Sight’ phase, he no longer finds it worthwhile to talk about the experience. In one of his posts, he said: “If the most worthwhile thing I’ve done in life is a season of reality TV, then I have failed in life… I’m still breathing, so that means that I’m on assignment.”


Thompson is now set to make Rachel Ashley, former Miss World America Texas beauty pageant winner, his wife in the coming few weeks. And now, he is thrilled to be where he is at, both as a tutor and as a soon to be husband.


Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty


Jealousy and insecurity can really kill a relationship at its roots, and that seemed to be the case for this couple as well. As they got together, there were many reasons we thought the couple might just end up together. However, this changed when Martorana told Flaherty that she had dated a friend of his from the gym. Flaherty brushed it off then but called off the whole relationship based on it. While Martorana said she is working on the relationship post the show, they officially got divorced soon after.

Martorana is a blogger and seems to be enjoying her life with her friends and family, especially being an aunt. Amber also seems to be enjoying being single with her friends and close ones to keep her company.


By the looks of it, Flaherty seems to be single as well. He, too, spends most of his time with his family and friends. The Economist is also quite active on Twitter posting case updates and such.  The one thing that is commendable about the former couple is that they still respect what they had even though they called it quits. In one of Flaherty’s posts, he said: “As most know by now, @amberdianne82 and I have decided to file for divorce. Although we weren’t the right match, in the end, I will always be thankful to have gone through this experience with Amber and wish her nothing but the best.”


Danielle Bergman-Dodd and Bobby Dodd


Bergman’s and Dodd’s relationship was probably the smoothest. The couple did not have any serious issues or arguments and decided that they are more than ready to be committed all throughout. However, there were reasons for some worry in ‘Happily Ever After?’ This is because they had several arguments on financial decisions concerning their unborn baby on the way.


They also had to battle some criticisms on social media post their spin-off appearance. The couple seems to have worked their way through it as they are now parents to their daughter Olivia Nicole as of February 2019. Their Instagram pages are littered with pictures of their daughter.


Danielle certainly looks happy as she celebrated Mother’s day, not simply thanking her mother but also embracing motherhood herself. Her ‘Danielle’s Amazon Picks‘ is full of items she suggests one ought to buy depending on the occasion. Having had HELLP syndrome during her pregnancy, she now talks about it trying to create awareness on the subject.


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