William Konkolesky and Virginia Tilly: Where Are Mutual UFO Network’s Members Now?

On March 8, 1994, hundreds of people in Michigan reported witnessing a strange phenomenon in the sky that stayed with them forever. Many believed the objects were UFOs, and Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Something in the Sky’ focuses on what happened that night. It features interviews with William Konkolesky of the Mutual UFO Network and Virginia Tilly, who used to work for the organization as an investigator. So, if you’re curious to find out more about them, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are William Konkolesky and Virginia Tilly?

William Konkolesky serves as the Director of the Michigan Chapter of MUFON, an all-volunteer non-profit organization founded in 1969. They investigate UFO sightings and conduct research into them. William joined the network in 1993 and talked about how they typically look into a few hundred such reports across the state. While about 90% of these reports have a logical explanation, the rest keep the team going. He added, “Those last remaining ones remain unexplained. We declare we don’t know what it is. We don’t jump to conclusions.”

Therefore, MUFON looked into the strange sightings on March 8, 1994, interviewing over 300 eyewitnesses from back then. Virginia Tilly was in Flint, Michigan, when she learned of the sighting and immediately headed to Holland, Michigan, to find out more. She interviewed multiple people about what they saw in addition to other sightings across the state. In 1994, Virginia said, “We’re getting 10 or 15 new sightings a day. We have probably 20 people in various stages of investigating these reports.”

On the show, Virginia mentioned talking to a couple in 1994 who were camping right on the lake on the night of March 8. They told her about seeing a tall water tower in the lake at around midnight; it was like a high waterfall, about 20 feet wide, and was lit from behind and above. According to Virginia, the frightened couple left right away. Jack Bushong, the meteorologist in Muskegon, Michigan, mentioned seeing something similar on his radar around that time, and he stated that the object was at approximately 6000 feet.

William Konkolesky and Virginia Tilly Are Spending Time With Their Families Today

William Konkolesky is a Bachelor of Applied Science in Education and worked as a Historical Presenter for a few months in 2002 before being employed by the Oakland Community College in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Apart from being the Michigan Chapter’s Director for MUFON. He currently works as an Educational Paraprofessional at the community college, a role he’s held for nearly two decades. William lives in Clawson, Michigan, and has been married since May 2001.

On the show, William urged people who saw something on that night in March 1994 to come forward and share their stories. In September 2022, he spoke about UFO sightings at the East Tawas, Michigan, City Hall as part of an event hosted by the Iosco-Arenac District Library. As for Virginia, she studied Education and English at Concordia University in Illinois and Education at Andrew University in Michigan. Virginia is currently enjoying retirement in Cape Coral, Florida, and loves spending time with her extended family.

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