Where is Meteorologist Jack Bushong Now?

An unusual event in March 1994 in Michigan had many residents wondering whether what they saw was an Unidentified Flying Object or not. Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Something in the Sky’ charts the events from that night and features interviews with several witnesses who reported seeing strange lights in the sky. At the time, Jack Bushong was a meteorologist and was startled by what came up on his radar. So, if you’re curious to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Jack Bushong?

Jack Bushong grew up in Muskegon, Michigan. On the show, he talked about being interested in astronomy, science, and weather from a young age and knew he wanted to be a meteorologist when he was six. On March 8, 1994, Jack, then about 29-years-old, was working at the National Weather Service in Muskegon and was alone around the time the call came in at 10 pm.

The call was from the Ottawa County 911 dispatch in Michigan. They had received several reports of something showing up in the sky over the county. Witnesses and police officers had called in to report seeing lights in the sky that didn’t seem normal. When Jack checked his radar, he saw the same thing. Initially, he thought about any possible explanation for them, like a glitch or a weather phenomenon. But none seemed to fit what he saw on his radar.

Jack remembered the objects were solid and were “coming together and coming apart.” He added, “Moving about 20 miles in each jump. They were hovering, then jumping. Hovering and jumping.” On the show, Jack stated that the objects would form a triangle, hover, and then move and form the same shape again. He remembered the objects staying stationary at one place over Michigan Lake, where they were met up by multiple other objects.

At the time, Jack didn’t know that his call with the dispatcher was recorded. But once he found out, he worried about what his colleagues and others would say about him. Jack added, “Just that people think you’re a kook; you’re lying, you’re not credible. I’m supposed to be a scientist and skeptical.” On the show, he mentioned that he was ridiculed at work, and about five months after the incident, he moved to Georgia for a new start.

Where is Jack Bushong Today?

Jack Bushong received his Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology from Florida State University in 1988. After working for the National Weather Service in Muskegon, he moved to work as a Hydro-Meteorologist in Peachtree City, Georgia. Jack had an illustrious career, receiving a promotion and an award for forecasting before retiring in 2016. Since then, Jack has been working as an actor and a full-time professional photographer. He specializes in landscape, wedding, and high-speed photography, among other things.

Jack lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Joy, whom he married in June 1991. Apart from that, John enjoys traveling, 3D modeling, camping, and hiking. In June 2021, the US Government published a report saying there were unexplainable things seen in the sky by some people. For Jack, the moment was critical. He said, “I guess I’ve been waiting for this vindication which I didn’t think I was going to get all my life. But now, with the, basically, military coming out and saying the same thing I saw 30 years ago, I can finally say to people, ‘I told you so.'”

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