Where Are UFO Witnesses Cindy Pravda and Holly Graves Now?

Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Something in the Sky’ focuses on a strange event from March 1994 in Michigan witnessed by multiple people in the area. Everyone believed that the bright lights they saw in the sky moving were UFOs, leading to much furor in the area. Cindy Pravda and Holly Graves were two witnesses who shared their story on the show, describing what they saw on that night. So, if you’re wondering where they might be today, here’s what we know.

Who Are Cindy Pravda and Holly Graves?

At the time, Cindy Pravda was living in Grand Haven, Michigan, and on March 8, 1994, she was in the kitchen talking on the phone with a friend. On that clear night, Cindy said she suddenly saw bright lights through the kitchen window. She said, “The more I looked at it, I’m seeing four lights, and they are like the size of the full moon. It wasn’t helicopters; it was nothing else that I could explain.”

Cindy added, “I watched them for half an hour. Where I’m facing them, the one on the far left moved off. It moved to the highway and then came back in the same position. The one to the right was gone in [a] blink of an eye, and then, eventually, everything disappeared quickly.” She also remembered they made no sound and said her horse in her backyard slept as these lights appeared in the sky over the tree line.

Holly Graves also mentioned something similar on the show; the objects she saw in the sky made no noise. At the time, she lived with her husband, son, and daughter in Holland, Michigan. While she and her husband were sleeping in the bedroom, the kids were in the living room. Holly suddenly heard her son ask them to come out and see something. There were bright lights in the sky, and Holly remembered calling 911 to report it, saying they looked like Christmas lights.

On the show, Holly mentioned the object was cylindrical and was going around in circles with lights coming out at the bottom. The incident brought a lot of attention to Michigan, and the Graves family had to deal with the adverse effects of that. She had her children not go to school for a while because of what the other kids said. Holly added, “They just went through a really hard time. They know what they saw, but it’s like everybody still laughed at you.”

Where is Cindy Pravda Today?

Cindy Pravda continued to talk about what she saw that night. She has given several interviews and still believes UFOs were what she saw that night. Cindy said, “I’m known as the UFO lady of Grand Haven.” Currently, she lives in the same house in Grand Haven, is a loving grandmother, and enjoys spending time with family. Additionally, Cindy has a pet cat, cares for a horse, and tends to her garden. She also recently celebrated her birthday in Holland with her daughter and son-in-law.

Where is Holly Graves Today?

In 2021, Holly Graves talked about how people speculated and said mean things about her family at the time. She added, “They accused us of being in the backyard smoking weed, doing drugs with our kids.” However, Holly believed what she saw that night was unique. She said, “It’s an experience I’ll take to my grave with me. I wish everybody’d see it; I do. I wish everybody would see it because it was the experience of a lifetime.” Holly, now a grandmother to three kids, still lives in Holland. She spends her time kayaking and caring for her pet cat.

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