Where Are Precious and Alex From Marriage or Mortgage Now?

Netflix’s reality show ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ is about couples having to make the difficult choice between having the wedding of their dreams or buying the house they always wanted. Hosted by real estate agent Nichole Holmes and wedding planner Sarah Miller, who compete to win over the couples, the show follows each couple as they relay their relationship history, their living situation, and their hopes, expectations, and quirks. Using this information, the hosts attempt to give them options that meet their expectations and accommodate their needs in creative ways, all within the couple’s budget.

Precious and Alex form the couple featured in episode 3 of ‘Marriage or Mortgage,’ which tells an interesting story of commitment, hardship, and the dream of having a family. We thought we would check in with them and see what Precious and Alex are up to now.

Precious and Alex: Marriage or Mortgage Journey

Precious Styles and Alex Bullard met at a college football match in which Alex was playing. At the time of filming their episode, they had already been together for 9 years. The couple got engaged on December 25, 2018, and moved into a flat that turned out to be too small for them, not the least because Alex is an ex-football player and has the build for one too.

From the frustrations of having to share just one bathroom to a kitchen that’s too small and having to go to Alex’s parents’ house to do the laundry every week (something that Precious was especially irritated with), the couple was more than ready to get their own house with the space to spread out and build a family. An interesting complication in their situation was that since Alex’s mother would be cosigning on the house, she got to come along for the house visits and have a say in the couple’s decisions.

The dynamic between Precious and Alex is one that clearly shows how long they’ve been together. Comfortable in each other’s company, supporting and arguing with each other with equal passion, their journey of choosing a new home or a much overdue wedding was especially endearing to watch. Both of them have been through hard times and felt the need to bring their families together for a celebration of love. Precious was impatient to have a wedding and all the glamour and emotion that comes with it. And Alex, always the laid-back one, said he wanted cake! In the end, they chose to get married. Due to the pandemic, they had to lower the number of guests at the wedding.

Where Are Precious and Alex Now?

Precious and Alex got married at the Bridge Building in Nashville in July 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, they held an intimate ceremony with 24 guests but still managed to check off things like a sit-down dinner and Precious’s much-discussed “ranch dressing fountain” from their wedding wishlist. After their wedding, they decided to keep in their original apartment and start IVF procedures to help them have a baby. As of this moment, they are not pregnant but do seem to have moved into a bigger living space with a bigger kitchen, something that Alex really wanted.

As updated on her Twitter account, Precious has been keeping busy with attending classes at the Pure Barre Fitness Center, where she recently completed her 500th class. The playful arguments and jabs that we saw between the couple still continue, with Precious making fun of Alex’s golf and cigar combination, sarcastically comparing him to Michael Jordan. She has also recently gotten herself the COVID vaccination. We have no reason to believe that Precious and Alex are living in anything but a blissful harmony in their married life.

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