Where Are Shenika and Matthew From How to Build a Sex Room Now?

As evident from the title, Netflix’s ‘How to Build A Sex Room’ takes the tried and tested formula of home renovation reality shows and presents it in an unorthodox manner. It follows interior designer Melanie Rose as she meets different clients, learns of their desires, and creates customized safe spaces for them to explore their sexual fantasies in. For Melanie, sex rooms aren’t anything disgusting but rather essential for a relationship to flourish. Moreover, apart from designing rooms, she even helps her clients understand their sexual limits and desires.

Interestingly, Shenika and Matthew Carter appeared in season 1 of the show with a relatable issue. They mentioned how having multiple kids took a toll on their intimacy and hoped Melanie could do something about it. Well, let’s dive in and find out where Shenika and Matthew are at present, shall we?

Shenika and Matthew Carter’s How To Build a Sex Room Journey

Unfortunately, not much is known about Shenika and Matthew Carter’s early relationship, although Shenika mentioned that he husband has always been there to support her throughout. Moreover, from the looks of it, they share a loving relationship and have built up a home on trust, care, and good vibes. When the show introduces Shenika and Matthew, we get a glimpse of dedicated parents who always prioritize their children over everything else. Moreover, they even appeared quite accommodating of each other, which was a pleasure to witness.

When Shenika and Matthew met Melanie, they claimed they had a pretty active sex life initially. However, once the pair took on parental duties, their lives began revolving around their children, and the couple could not take time out to spend with each other. Although they loved accompanying and caring for their children, Shenika and Matthew mentioned that they needed to bring back the spice to help their marriage. Thankfully, Melanie understood just what the pair needed and drew up a rough outline of her ideas. Besides, she even took Shenika and her husband to a sex toy store to help them break out of their shell and experiment with different fantasies. Eventually, the married couple opened up quite a bit, and, taking their desires into consideration, Melanie designed a perfect sex room where they could get intimate and live out their fantasies to their heart’s content.

Where Are Shenika and Matthew Carter Now?

Fans can rest easy as we are delighted to report that Shenika and Matthew Carter are still going strong. Ever since the pair stepped into the spotlight, they came across as people who valued the familial bond above everything else, and even today, the two have built up a happy life surrounded by their loved ones. Moreover, they have also remained dedicated parents, as Shenika often features their children on her social media profile.

Interestingly, Shenika and Matthew are currently based out of Aurora, Colorado, where they co-founded the Carter Truck Driving Academy. According to the two, their academy is the only fully-black owned driving school that offers everything from preparatory training to job placements. Thankfully, Shenika and Matthew’s professional success rolled over into their personal lives, as their marriage is stronger than ever. In a post commemorating Matthew’s birthday in March 2022, Shenika gushed about her love for her husband and wrote, “Happy Birthday to the LOVE of my LIFE! We Worked, Now We Play! Let’s Go Matthew Carter and ride thru this Wild Wild Western City… I thank God for YOU!” It is truly an honor to witness the couple’s wonderful life, and we hope happiness never eludes them in the long run.

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