Where Are Spencer Kakoma and Masuwa Musese Now?

Image Credit: ABC News

ABC News’ ‘20/20: The Last Hunt’ chronicles what happened to Bianca Rudolph during a hunting trip in Africa in October 2016. A seemingly accidental death soon turned out to be a homicide, with her husband, Lawrence, at the center of it all. The show features interviews from Spencer Kakoma, the couple’s game scout, and Masuwa Musese, the investigator at the national park they visited.

Who Are Spencer Kakoma and Masuwa Musese?

Lawrence and Bianca were on a safari vacation in Zambia, Africa, when tragedy struck. On October 11, 2016, the couple was packing up to head home when Lawrence claimed he heard a gunshot while in the bathroom. He rushed to see Bianca bleeding from the chest due to a shotgun wound. Spencer Kakoma, their game scout, stated that the couple seemed happy in the time leading up to the incident, and nothing felt awry.

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Spencer was working close by when he heard the gunshot, leading him to rush to the Rudolphs’ cabin. He found Bianca on the floor with the 12-gauge shotgun beside her. Regarding Lawrence’s emotional state, Spencer said, “He’s crying, crying, ‘Let me just kill myself because my wife, she has committed suicide. She has killed herself. Want to kill myself also.'” According to him, Lawrence first said Bianca had killed herself but later changed his story to say it was an accidental shot while she was packing the gun.

However, Spencer remembered seeing Bianca clean the gun and remove active ammunition from it on the final day of their safari, leading him to believe that someone had loaded the firearm after that. Spencer further doubted Lawrence’s version of the events right from the start. Lawrence had claimed to have been in the bathroom when he heard the gunshot, but Spencer said he saw the dentist fully dressed at the time. However, according to the local police, Lawrence told them he was in a towel when Spencer came to the cabin.

Masuwa Musese, an investigator at the Kafue National Park in Zambia, also expressed concerns regarding the circumstances surrounding Bianca’s death. He said, “I suspected this to be a foul play. Because of the way the firearm was lying. The way the deceased was lying. The way the bullet went through. Because to me to say that she shot herself — I doubt it.” While Masuwa did share his concerns with the police, he believed that they didn’t investigate the case thoroughly enough.

Where Are Spencer Kakoma and Masuwa Musese Today?

Image Credit: ABC News

It took five years before the federal authorities contacted Spencer regarding Bianca’s suspicious death. He remembered being surprised at the time. The incident eventually led Spencer to quit his job as a game scout. He is married, currently works as a police officer at Zambia Wildlife Authority, and lives in Lusaka, Zambia. Regarding Lawrence finally being arrested, Spencer said, “I’m just happy with the American investigation. He wanted to escape, but they have managed to corner him.” From what we can tell, Masuwa still works as an investigator with the national park. Little is known about his life since he’s maintained a low profile. It seems that he resides in Zambia.

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