Saudi Taylor and Oscar Roney: The Survivors Are Leading a Quiet Life Now

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Obsession: Dark Desires: Garden of Evil’ chronicles the tale of a survivor, Saudi Taylor, as she narrates how she luckily got out alive of a near-fatal shootout in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2011-12. The assailant was weirdly obsessed with her and continued to harass her, culminating in the shootout after seeing her out on a date with Oscar Roney.

Who Are Saudi Taylor and Oscar Roney?

Saudi Taylor was a single mother in Fort Worth in Tarrant County, Texas, working at a restaurant and raising her children on her own. With her sister staying close by, she had no problems finding babysitters and used to go out to parties with friends. During one such party, she and her friends met with Finnis Davis II, who was smitten with her and offered to buy them drinks. Since he seemed nice and friendly, Saudi agreed to the proposal but politely turned down his advances.

However, he persuaded her to keep his business card even though she had turned down his offer several times. Davis owned a landscaping business, and Saudi had to employ him a few days later when her regular gardener got involved in a freak accident. Davis was courteous and did a fine job but kept asking her out whenever he came to tend her lawn. After continuously declining his proposals for around two months, Saudi agreed to go out for drinks with him as she was exhausted and felt bad for him.

But she knew she was making a mistake when Davis kept looking at her weirdly and creepily throughout the entire time. Saudi told him on their ride back home that she was not romantically interested in him and was not looking for a relationship. She recounted on the show he seemed understanding at first but started bombarding her with texts over the following weeks. Pestered by the continuous messages, Saudi called him and asked him to stop.

Davis was a master manipulator, and Saudi recounted how his defensive and apologetic attitude made her feel bad for not reciprocating in the same way. As she tried to ignore him, he left a bottle of wine at her doorstep or even drove by her place at night. Creeped out by him weirdly obsessing over her, Saudi tried to reach out to co-workers and friends, but they laughed the entire thing off. However, things started to get serious when he left a note on her car, and Saudi contacted the authorities.

Where Are Saudi Taylor and Oscar Roney?

The police could not do anything since Davis did not invade her home or physically harm or abuse her in any form. Saudi tried to ignore all his texts and move on with her life. On May 3, 2010, she was out on a date with a guy named Oscar Roney, and it was their first time going out. She started getting texts from Davis that he was aware she was out with a guy, and he was upset about that. Saudi recounted how terrified she was when he spotted Davis’ car in her driveway as she and Oscar returned home.

Frightened by seeing her stalker, Saudi urged Oscar to keep driving as Davis followed them in his car around the block. As they pulled in front of her home for the second time, Davis rammed his car into their vehicle and started shooting at them. He swerved his automobile in front of their vehicle, shooting through the driver’s window and blocking their escape path. Saudi was terrified seeing Oscar slump on the wheel, his shirt all bloody, and tried to flee.

However, Davis chased her on foot and caught up with her. He pistol-whipped her and threatened to kill her. She recounted on the episode it was a miracle she was still alive, having no idea why Davis left the scene without harming them further. According to official records, Saudi was shot in her thigh and Oscar behind his left ear. However, both of them managed to survive and identified Davis as the perpetrator during his April 2012 trial. As a result, Davis was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Saudi and Oscar continue to live in Texas, but their current addresses have not been disclosed to respect their wishes for privacy.

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