Where Are The Great British Bake Off Season 12 Winners Now?

Image Credit: Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions

The Great British Bake Off‘ is an exciting reality show that gathers together a set of promising amateur bakers and puts them through numerous challenges in a hunt for the best. The challenges range from bakers whipping up their own recipes to testing their technical and professional prowess. Additionally, with each subsequent round upping the difficulty, only the very best make it to the top. With season 12 now behind us, fans have been clamoring to know where the cast is at present. Let’s have a look at the top 5 contestants, shall we?

Where is Lizzie Acker Now?

A car production operative from Liverpool, Lizzie Acker impressed the judges with her baking abilities. She was highly committed to her performance and finished in fifth place in season 12 of the competition series. On the show, she revealed that she has ADHD and dyslexia and was proud to share that aspect of herself.

Lizzie mentioned that while filming, the thing she missed the most was her dog. And thus, after her exit, the first thing she did was reconnect with her pooch. Ever since Lizzie ended her run on the series, she has been enjoying life with friends and baking up delicious treats. Additionally, while appearing on ‘The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice,’ Lizzie announced that she moved out of her room in her parents’ garden and has bought a home of her own.

Where is Jürgen Krauss Now?

Originally a native of Germany, Jürgen Krauss became known for his bread-baking expertise during his time on the series. Given his popularity among fans, many thought he would win season 12. And understandably, fans made their displeasure quite clear when Jürgen was eliminated and ended the competition in the fourth position. Staying without his wife for weeks was quite difficult, and thus, upon exiting the show, Jürgen looked forward to spending some quality time with his family.

It is more than evident how much Jürgen loves his family. He appears to continue sharpening his outstanding baking skills, as Jürgen often documents his creations on social media. Moreover, Jürgen reportedly appeared on the BBC Good Food Show. At present, he resides with his family in Brighton, East Sussex, and works as a Database Administrator at Prospectus.

Where is Crystelle Pereira Now?

Interestingly, Crystelle Pereira developed an interest in baking during the lockdown and was encouraged to apply for the show by her sisters. Originally an analyst at Goldman Sachs, she impressed judges with her brilliant baking skills and was the only woman among the three finalists in season 12. She ended the season as a runner-up.

Unfortunately, Crystelle prefers privacy and hasn’t revealed much about her life after the show. However, she documents her baking and cooking adventures on social media, often amazing her followers with the treats she whips up. Moreover, with Crystelle enjoying singing and traveling with friends, she is undoubtedly enjoying life in her own way post-filming.

Where is Chigs Parmar Now?

Will Chirag Parmar took on the nickname of Chigs after deciding to participate in the baking competition. A sales manager from Leicester, Chigs wowed everyone with his baking skills but lost out to Giuseppe Dell’Anno in the season 12 finale. The lockdown was responsible for making Chigs fall in love with baking, and by the looks of it, his family is his strongest support.

Chigs shares a beautiful bond with his loved ones, especially his mother. Additionally, the Leicester sales manager revealed how close he was to his late father, who passed away at a young age. The runner-up of season 12 issued a heartfelt tribute to him after the finale. With Chigs now involved in baking more seriously, we wish him the very best for the future.

Where is Giuseppe Dell’Anno Now?

Giuseppe Dell’Anno won everyone’s hearts and walked away with the grand prize on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ season 12. Known for his mouth-watering Italian recipes, Giuseppe was quite confident about his skills and bested everyone in the season finale. Moreover, his charming and amicable personality also earned him quite a few lifelong friends that he met on the show. Since the twelfth edition ended, Giuseppe has been engaging with fans on social media and posting pictures of the delectable treats he whips up.

Although Giuseppe prefers living under the radar and hasn’t revealed much about his personal life, it is safe to say that he was happy to reunite with his wife and three sons post-filming. Additionally, Giuseppe now works as an R&D Senior Manager at Sealed Air Corporation (based in Milan) and seems to be dividing his time between Milan, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

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