Where Are Tiffany Shore and Her Sister Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here: My Secret Nightmare’ focuses on serial killer Anthony Allen Shore’s crimes. While he seemed like the perfect father to the rest of the world, he continued to molest his two daughters, Tiffany and Amber, before the horrific abuse finally came to light. The show has Tiffany recount her life growing up with Anthony as her father. So, if you’re wondering what happened to the sisters after their father’s arrest, here’s what we know!

Who Are Anthony Shore’s Daughters?

Anthony married Gina Lynn Worley in 1983. The couple soon had two children, with Amber being the older one and Tiffany being born a year later. Anthony, a telephone repairman and a musician, was seen as the cool but protective father who took good care of the girls. When he and Gina separated about a decade after their marriage, Amber and Tiffany lived with their father in Houston, Texas.

But it became apparent that things weren’t great in the household. When there were financial struggles, the girls had to share the water they used to shower. Furthermore, the house was overrun with cockroaches. Since they weren’t allowed to shower regularly, Amber and Tiffany were teased in school because of how they looked. But it didn’t just stop there. Anthony was physically abusive, and if they cried, he would cover their faces with pillows.

Tiffany later said, “I would wake up and see him exposing himself in our bedroom while touching himself in a lewd and lascivious manner. I was like ten years old…he got me very, very, very intoxicated, and [I] remember waking up completely in the nude, and he was assaulting me while I was unconscious.” In 1995, one of Gina’s friends reported Anthony for child endangerment when she saw that the windows in the house were nailed shut.

About two years later, Anthony sent the girls to live with his mother in California after he married Amy Lynch. At this point, Anthony’s mother knew something was wrong, given how the girls looked. Eventually, Tiffany broke down and stated that her father had been raping her since she was ten years old. Amber also said similar things happened to her. He was convicted of indecent abuse and given probation. The DNA sample he provided at that point eventually connected him to Maria del Carmen Estrada’s murder.

Where Are Anthony Shore’s Daughters Now?

Anthony was eventually sentenced to death for Maria’s murder. The daughters testified at his trial, saying that he abused, drugged, and molested them. As his execution neared, Tiffany said that the day her father was scheduled to be put to death was not going to be any different. She added, “Honestly, I have a biology lab and calculus that day. So I’m going to go to school. Maybe I’ll see a movie later if I have free time.”

Recent reports indicated that Tiffany is a single mother living in Arizona. She previously worked as a sheriff’s deputy before joining the Air National Guard. She was also taking forensic science courses and balancing that with caring for her young child, who would be about seven years old now. Tiffany seems to be doing much better now. She said, “So since receiving lots of therapy and support from other individuals and just learning through life experience, trial and error type stuff, I do feel a lot more confident about my life and myself as an individual.” Amber, though, has stayed away from the limelight, and not much is known about her life after Anthony’s arrest.

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