Below Deck Season 11: All Shooting Locations

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck‘ is a reality TV series that follows the day-to-day lives of the crew members aboard a superyacht, working and residing during charter season. Apart from welcoming guests and ensuring that they are provided with everything they require, the crew gets involved in drama of their own. Season 11 of the series was no different as it was led by a new and fearless captain, Kerry, who took on a different approach compared to previous captains.

With the crew getting involved in different kinds of interpersonal drama through each episode, Captain Kerry had a fairly tough time aboard the yacht. As they sailed through the Caribbean, the backdrop included the open water and a number of picturesque islands, with the viewers asking questions about the shooting locations of ‘Below Deck’ season 11.

Where Was Below Deck Season 11 Filmed?

‘Below Deck’ season 11 was filmed across the Caribbean region, especially on the island of Grenada and seemingly on St. Lucia. As per reports, production for the eleventh season took place in early 2023, around February and March of the same year. The superyacht St. David is the vessel in which the drama ensued. It consists of six cabins in total, which can charter for up to 12 guests at a time. The superyacht also provides several amenities to the ones present on board, such as a dancefloor, spa, gym, deck jacuzzi, and more, ensuring that the guests have a comfortable and convenient time. So, let us find out all the specific sites where St. David sailed to in season 11!


Many portions of ‘Below Deck’ season 11 were lensed on the island nation of Grenada, which is situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Exploring the island and the surrounding open water in St. David, the filming unit made sure to capture the picturesque landscape of the island in various aerial shots. Throughout the season, the superyacht St. David was seemingly docked at different harbors in Grenada as the cast and crew got off the yacht to explore the island. A few portions were taped around one of the many waterfalls; some of them are Annandale Waterfalls, Mt. Carmel, Concord, Seven Sisters, and Tufton Hall. Furthermore, it is likely that several beach scenes were taped on one of the beaches around its coastline.

St. Lucia

From the looks of it, the production team also traveled to St. Lucia, an island nation of the West Indies, to record some important scenes for the 11th season of ‘Below Deck.’ Located north of Grenada, St. Lucia is also situated in the eastern Caribbean with tourism playing a vital role in affecting its economy. It seems that the cast and crew also deboarded St. David to explore some areas of St. Lucia.

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