Boiling Point: Where Was The Movie And the TV Show Filmed?

Image Credit: James Stack/BBC

An expansion of the eponymous 2019 short movie, the Philip Barantini directorial, ‘Boiling Point,’ is a mystery thriller movie that lets us into the kitchen of a busy restaurant on the busiest night of the year as the head chef, Andy Jones, must handle several personal and professional hurdles while everything is on the verge of falling apart. Amidst all the chaos, a surprise visit from a health and safety inspector puts more pressure on everyone in the kitchen.

Several months later, Carly begins running her own restaurant along with the staff of her former boss, Andy Jones, all of which is showcased in the show, ‘Boiling Point,’ a collaborative creation of Philip Barantini, James Cummings, and Stephen Graham. In both productions, the setting is that of a working kitchen where chefs are busy creating artful dishes, naturally raising doubts in the viewers’ minds if the movie and show were shot in an actual restaurant or kitchen.

Boiling Point Filming Locations

Both the movie and the show ‘Boiling Point’ were filmed in England, especially in the cities of London and Manchester. While the film ‘Boiling Point’ was shot between February and March 2020, the principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the show commenced on January 30, 2023, and continued for the next three months or so before wrapping up in April of the same year.

London, England

The film ‘Boiling Point’ was shot in the city of London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom. According to reports, it is a one-shot movie that was particularly lensed in and around Jones & Sons at Stamford Works, 3 Gillett Street in London. The owner of the restaurant was asked several questions about the movie’s production process in an interview with Time Out. He revealed how the filmmaker pulled off making a movie in a busy working kitchen, “There wasn’t too much disruption, it was like one big dysfunctional family. A few of my staff were extras in the film. My manager Chloe O’Brien was heavily linked to the producers, and we catered for everyone on set as well.”

As per reports, the restaurant used to remain closed for the entire week except for Saturdays and Sundays. The restaurant’s owner reported that the filming was wrapped up right before the first national lockdown. He stated, “The filming process wasn’t really stressful, but with Covid looming, there was a strange sense of the unknown, which had a huge effect on the performances, as everything felt heightened. At the time, the only thing we had in place was a sign that said, ‘please wash your hands.’ There was a feeling that this would pass in a week or so. Oh, how wrong we all were…”

Manchester, England

Although the show revolves around Carly’s new restaurant called Point North, which is based in Dalston, London, ‘Boiling Point’ is shot in and around the city of Manchester, specifically in Space Studios Manchester at Vaughan Street. The 17-acre site is a purpose-built film studio that consists of 6 acoustically treated stages, workshops, production facilities, and dressing and makeup facilities, making it a suitable filming site for many filmmakers working on different kinds of projects.

Talking about the fact that the show was not filmed in a working kitchen like the movie, Shaun Fagan, who portrays Bolton, stated in an interview with Radio Times, “When I first saw the set, my head fell off. It was so jarring because from the outside it is this massive wooden frame, yet the moment you walk in it’s like you’ve just stepped into a restaurant. Even when we were filming, at the end of a take you’d step off set and forget you were actually in a studio.”

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