Comedy Island Japan: Exploring the Shooting Locations

Amazon Prime’s ‘Comedy Island Japan’ is a Japanese reality game TV series that pits together a group of popular comedians whose adventurous roads drift them away to a mysterious island. Legend has it that the island has been cursed for a number of years, and if any of the residents of the island make a mistake, they must face a grave disaster. Thus, in order to break the pattern and lift the curse of the island, the comedians must indulge in some unexpected and unreasonable challenges that test their improvisation skills.

Since the contestants are not provided with any script or lines, they are expected to survive solely through ad-libbing. Navigated by the funny hosts — Teruyoshi Uchimura and Kazumi Takayama — the show works as the perfect blend of comedy, drama, and adventure thanks to the contestants’ hilarious antics and unexpected experiences. Since the show is set on a lush green and isolated island, the audience wonders where exactly ‘Comedy Island Japan’ is filmed.

Comedy Island Japan is Shot on a Japanese Island

‘Comedy Island Japan’ is seemingly taped in its entirety in Japan, specifically on a secluded island. Comprising thousands of islands along the Pacific coast of Asia, Japan works as an ideal filming site for productions that are based on an island, including ‘Comedy Island Japan.’ Supposedly, the production of the inaugural iteration of the reality show took place sometime in 2022. Now, let’s find out all about the specific sites that make an appearance in the Amazon Prime series!


The island country, Japan, possibly hosts the production of ‘Comedy Island Japan’ as the filming unit sets up camp in the East Asian country to shoot many pivotal sequences. Out of more than 14,000 islands on the Japanese archipelago, only about 260 are inhabited, leaving thousands of other islands isolated. From the looks of it, the contestants and the rest of the crew members of the game show utilize the premise of one of the many islands where they build different sets, in accordance to the challenges that the participants have to go through.

Being one of the most vast and diverse countries in the world, it has a perfect blend of traditional history as well as modern and advanced technology, suitable for the production of different kinds of productions. When it comes to most of the islands, the lush greenery and wildlife work as the perfect backdrop for a show like ‘Comedy Island Japan.’

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