Netflix’s Fight for Paradise Who Can You Trust: Filming Locations Explored

‘Fight for Paradise’ is a German dating reality show that brings together a set of attractive and single individuals from different walks of life under the same roof. After the introduction, they get a little taste of the paradise for which they are competing, along with the handsome cash prize of 100,000 euros. But soon, they are devoid of luxuries and placed in a rugged camp in the middle of the wilderness. So, in order to regain their position in paradise, the contestants are required to follow a set of rules and strategize their way into the luxurious villa.

By forming alliances and using cunning tactics, the attractive individuals pave their way to paradise and to the ultimate prize. Hosted by the charismatic Bonnie Strange, the drama that ensues between the contestants keeps the viewers hooked through each episode. Meanwhile, the contrasting visuals of the luxurious villa and the rugged camp make for another intriguing element in the Netflix show.

Where is Fight for Paradise: Who Can You Trust Filmed?

Hailing from different parts of the world, all the contestants head to Mexico to compete for the coveted prize in ‘Fight for Paradise: Who Can You Trust.’ Shot sometime in 2023, the inaugural iteration of the reality series introduced us to some interesting individuals in a couple of exotic and secluded locations.

Armony Luxury Resort, Mexico

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Fight for Paradise: Who Can You Trust’ are lensed in Mexico. As per the constants’ claims, the luxurious villa where they stayed and filmed various portions is the Marival Armony Luxury Resort and World Spa at Carretera a Playa Destiladeras km 8.3, in Punta Mita in the Mexican state of Nayarit. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, the resort lets you indulge in different kinds of experiences. The comfort and luxury of the rooms or suites are unmatched, while the exterior elegance and amenities know no bounds.

Talking about her journey and experience on the debut season of the show, Eleyna Caterina wrote in a social media post, “This has been the most exciting journey of my life so far. I went through every possible phase emotionally. Entertaining people has been a gift since childhood that was just put in my cradle. And those who know me know that I am always who I am and you always get an authentic version of myself.
This show really tested me on this one. I’m incredibly grateful for this experience and the lessons I learned from it. And I’m soooo excited to finally share it with you and most importantly I’m curious about your reactions!”

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