HGTV’s Lakefront Empire: What’s the Shooting Location?

HGTV’s ‘Lakefront Empire’ is a reality series that follows a bunch of real estate agents, including a former convicted felon Peggy Albers, Cierra Grein, brothers Jonas and Justin Farrell, Gerardo Cornejo, and Amanda Smith, all of whom work towards one goal — giving their clients the best deal on their dream lakefront homes. Hustling during the summer, these real estate agents showcase some affordable yet luxurious properties to potential clients who don’t have a limited budget.

The agents do their best to seal some of the biggest deals using their negotiation skills — showing some of the best spots to live and selling the properties by pushing forward the epic social scene associated with the properties. Through each episode, the viewers are left mesmerized by the combination of picturesque lakeside scenery and the lavish lakefront properties, raising questions about the actual filming sites of ‘Lakefront Empire.’

Where is Lakefront Empire Filmed?

‘Lakefront Empire’ is filmed in Missouri, specifically in the areas surrounding the Lake of the Ozarks. According to reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the reality series took place in the summer of 2023. Talking about her experience shooting the show’s first season, Karen Loaiza-Wulff wrote in a social media post, “It was so crazy to see all the details that go in to making this happen! It was so smooth and an experience we eventually got really great at lol. We are truly grateful for it all- and can’t wait to do it again!” So, let us traverse through all the specific sites where the real estate agents show some high-stakes properties to potential buyers in the first seasons of the HGTV show!

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

In the northern region of the Ozarks lies a reservoir — Lake of the Ozarks — which served as the primary production location for ‘Lakefront Empire’ season 1. Through the series, the prominent real estate industry of the region is explored as the agents entertain buyers as well as sellers in some of the most attractive properties, which range from $100,000 to millions of dollars, in the surrounding settlements of the Hamptons of the Midwest. For instance, the city of Linn Creek of Camden County, Porto Cima, and the village of Sunrise Beach situated in Camden and Morgan counties, are a few places that feature in the show’s debut season.

Moreover, the local real estate agents take their clients through the city of Camdenton, the Village of Four Seasons, the town of Gravois Mills, and the city of Osage Beach. One of the agents in ‘Lakefront Empire,’ Peggy, believed that not many people realized earlier that the Lake of the Ozarks consists of a Midwest coast. However, when people did realize that, “the market has exploded. There was over a billion dollars in sales last year.” Meanwhile, another agent named Jonas Farrell stated, “We used to say that the Lake of the Ozarks was the country’s greatest kept secret. Now, the secret is out.”

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