Renovation Aloha: Where is the HGTV Show Shot?

HGTV’s ‘Renovation Aloha’ is a home improvement reality series that follows the husband and wife duo of Kamohai and Tristyn Kalama as they take on the challenge of renovating and remodeling some of the most ruined properties on an island and turning them into dream homes that complement the picturesque surroundings. With the support of their family, which consists of 87 first cousins, out of which many are contractors, garbage collectors, cabinet makers, assistants, and more, the married couple is able to work on challenging house-flipping projects.

On one hand, Tristyn is a designated designer who is the creative brain and chooses countertops, tiles, textiles, and stages the finished properties. On the other hand, Kamohai contributes by hunting down and landing profitable flips. He is the one who calculates and ensures that the duo comes out on top by the end of the project. As Kamohai and Tristyn roam around the island and work on different projects, we get to explore some of the most scenic areas with them, intriguing us to know about the shooting locations of ‘Renovation Aloha.’

Renovation Aloha is Filmed in Oahu

‘Renovation Aloha’ is filmed in Hawaii, especially on the island of Oahu. From the looks of it, the principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the HGTV show seemingly commenced in late 2022 and after more than 11 months of shooting, it got wrapped up in December 2023. So, let us follow the renovation couple and get a detailed account of all the specific sites where they work their magic and turn rustic properties into new ones!

Oahu, Hawaii

A major portion of ‘Renovation Aloha’ is lensed across the island of Oahu, including Kalihi Valley, which is a neighborhood in Honolulu. Through different episodes, the production team along with Kamohai and Tristyn also travels to other areas on Oahu. For instance, the central areas of the island also feature in a few episodes, such as the city of Mililani. It seems that the couple worked on some renovating projects in the area.

Furthermore, the census-designated place (CDP) of Kailua serves as one of the prominent filming sites as well. During a conversation with TV Insider, Kamohai and Tristyn were asked to share their experience about the filming process of the HGTV show. Tristyn explained how they stayed true to themselves and what they do, despite being followed around by cameras almost all day. She elaborated, “…What made it easier is we do real estate all day long. It wasn’t foreign to us. Navigating the TV camera in front of your face was foreign but luckily we had an amazing production crew to go through it and are happy with the end product.”

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