A Black Lady Sketch Show: All Filming Locations Explored

Created by Robin Thede, HBO’s ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ is a sketch comedy series that features comedy sketches shedding light upon the flaws of the comedy and entertainment industries through the main ensemble cast of Black women, including Robin Thede, Gabrielle Dennis, Skye Townsend, and Ashley Nicole Black. The comedy show also focuses on prevalent and important themes and subjects, such as anxiety, religion, sex, social norms, dating, and relationships.

Moreover, the show features several prominent guest stars in each episode, including Angela Bassett, Laverne Cox, Tia Mowry, Loretta Devine, Kelly Rowland, and David Alan Grier. The sketches unfold in various settings, making it easier for the viewers to separate one from another. But at the same time, it makes one question about the actual filming sites of ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show.’ If you are one such curious soul, you might be interested in what we have to share about the same!

A Black Lady Sketch Show: Where Was it Filmed?

‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ is filmed in California, specifically in Los Angeles County. Shooting for the debut season of the comedy series took place in the summer of 2019, while filming of the sophomore round was delayed a bit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As for the principal photography of the fourth season, it commenced in October 2022. Now, let’s not waste time and look at all the specific locations that appear in the HBO series!

Los Angeles County, California

The production team of ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ sets up camp at various sites across Los Angeles County to shoot the sketch comedy show. For instance, most of the series is lensed in Aero Mock-Ups, Inc. at 13126 Saticoy Street in Los Angeles’ neighborhood of North Hollywood. It mainly serves its purpose by providing the largest rental house for aviation seating and a variety of aviation props, wardrobes, and set dressing. Furthermore, it is home to an Airport Terminal set with Wi-Fi-controlled green screens, dimmable lighting, and a complimentary lighting package.

The filming unit of ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ also utilizes the features of RSI Locations at 3530 Pomona Boulevard in the city of Pomona, specifically an abandoned medical campus and an empty classroom. RSI Locations is a location service that provides numerous film-friendly properties spread across the 800+ acre premise and over 140 separate buildings and countless exterior environments.

In addition, the Long Beach Petroleum Club at 3636 Linden Avenue in the city of Long Beach serves as one of the key production locations for the comedy series. A drab room for storage on site was used as the bomb shelter location for one of the episodes of season 4. As the cast and crew spent a week or so on-site during the production of the fourth season, they even utilized other spaces as filming locations, including the club’s restaurant.

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