Where is Abdul Khan Now? Unsolved Mysteries Update

Sometime just after Thanksgiving in 2017, Abdul Khan was excited to finally see his son, Abdul Aziz Khan, after a lengthy custody battle. But in a tragic twist, Aziz and his mother, Rabia Khalid, never showed up. The second half of Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Abducted by a Parent’ focuses on the events that led to Aziz Khan’s disappearance and why the authorities believed Rabia was responsible for it. Abdul appeared on the show and shared what happened over the years. So, let’s find out more about him then, shall we?

Who is Abdul Khan?

Abdul and Rabia met while they were in college in Alabama; his mother had made the introduction. They began dating, and after a few years, decided to get married. Their son, Aziz, was born in November 2010, and they all initially lived with Abdul’s family in New Orleans, Louisiana, before moving out. However, Abdul said on the show that over time, he and Rabia began having a lot of arguments, some in front of Aziz. So, they decided to separate in April 2014, when Aziz was about 3. He believed things were amicable between him and Rabia at the time and even agreed to her move to Atlanta, Georgia, with Aziz.

Abdul did his best to be there and spent time with his son. He said, “I made my whole work schedule around Aziz. I’d visit him every other weekend, and I would bring him to New Orleans so he could be with his family.” However, Abdul stated that Rabia then made it difficult for him to see and spend time with his son. After the divorce was finalized, Abdul asked for a custody evaluation because he felt he wasn’t getting to see Aziz enough. According to the show, the court ruled that Abdul would get primary custody. However, Rabia accused her former husband and his family of being abusive.

The allegations resulted in another investigation, which meant that Abdul couldn’t see his son during that time. Ultimately, though, the accusations proved to be baseless, and Abdul was to be given primary custody of Aziz, with the court date set on November 28, 2017. However, on that day, Rabia didn’t turn up with their son. When Abdul called Aziz’s school later, he learned that the kid had been taken out of school several days before the court date. At the time, Rabia had been married to Elliot Bourgeois, who also seemingly disappeared.

Where is Abdul Khan Today?

In the days that followed, the authorities tried to find Rabia, Elliot, and Aziz but were unsuccessful. Abdul said, “There’s no indication of where they went or how they went there. They deleted their accounts, they shut down their phones and they disappeared.” The last time Abdul saw his son was in 2016, and said that the past few years have been difficult. He added, “I don’t know if Aziz is safe or if he’s happy.” However, Abdul has not given up hope and has not stopped looking for his young son. For now, he resides and works in Kenner, Louisiana.

Image Credit: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Abdul received his MD degree from the University of South Alabama and pursued his residency at the Ochsner Health System in Greater New Orleans, Louisiana. After that, he was a pulmonary and critical care fellow at Louisiana State University’s Health Center and later, the Vice President of Medical Affairs at another hospital. Since March 2022, Abdul has been working as the Vice President of Medical Affairs at the Oschner Medical Center in Kenner and is the Medical Director at Xavier University/Ochsner Health Physician Assistant Program

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