Where is Abuse Survivor Misty Martin Now?

Misty Martin’s rollercoaster life while living in Tennessee is documented on Investigation Discovery’s ‘Wives With Knives: Addicted to Love.’ The young woman had to deal with a lot of turmoil in her life, which she talked about on the show. Apart from teenage pregnancy, Misty talked about being addicted to meth and losing custody of her children. So, if you’re wondering where she might be today, here’s what we know.

Who is Misty Martin?

When Misty was 14 years old in 1994, her family moved from Nashville, Tennessee, to Carthage, Tennessee. At the time, they lived on a farm and made the move to care for Misty’s sick grandmother. Misty was described as a strong-willed person who was rebellious. With her dad being strict, she often lied to get out and hang out with her friends. On the show, Misty talked about getting into trouble once and being grounded, after which she took some pills. This led to a trip to the hospital and her stomach being pumped.

After graduating from high school in May 1998, Misty met Wayne, an ironworker and a guitarist. They got married in January 2000, months after learning she was pregnant. However, the marriage ended just four months after their son was born, leaving Misty to traverse life as a single mother. Then, she met Jason, a single father and an electrician. The two began dating, eventually marrying in February 2003.

Jason was then shipped out on a National Guard mission, after which Misty had their daughter. Upon returning, Jason wasn’t the same, and his anger issues led to their separation. Eventually, Misty bumped into Mark Baker, an old boyfriend, and rekindled their romance. This relationship was volatile, with the couple constantly ending things and getting back together.

According to the show, Misty had an affair with Jason while with Mark, which led to a physical altercation between Misty and Mark. While they eventually worked things out, Mark’s addiction to meth caused more trouble. At one point, he spiked Misty’s drink with it, and shockingly, she forgave him for it. Soon, even Misty became addicted to meth, leading to more trouble between the two. According to the show, Mark and Misty got into a fight at one point, with him choking her and then Misty stabbing him in the arm.

Where is Misty Martin Today?

It was mentioned on the show that at the time, Mark lied to the authorities about the attack, saying it was a hitchhiker. They continued staying together until Mark ended up going to prison in 2015 for manufacturing methamphetamine. The two ended things after that, and it seems like Misty’s living a much better life now. She moved to Nashville and worked towards regaining custody of her son and daughter. According to the show, Misty stayed away from Mark after his release in 2016 and has maintained a low profile.

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