Where is Adrienne Fields Now?

In 1996, when Christine Vu and Wendy Prescott were raped, murdered, and left strangled in their bathtub, news of the “Bathtub Killer,” Dale Devon Scheanette, spread everywhere like wildfire. Adrienne Fields watched the news of the murders on TV and was filled with a dreadful and horrifying premonition that she was going to be his next victim. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Your Worst Nightmare: He’s Coming For Me’ details Adrienne’s story and how the horrible nightmare came true when she came face to face with the Bathtub Killer one fateful night. Intrigued to know more about this case and how Adrienne Fields is doing today? Here is what we found out.

Who is Adrienne Fields?

In 1996, Christie Vu and Wendy Prescott were found brutally raped and murdered in their homes in Arlington, Texas. Both their bodies were found nude, bound, and face down in their bathtubs, indicating the work of a serial killer. Based on the location of the deaths, the police termed the suspect as the “Bathtub Killer.” For two years after these killings, there was a nationwide hunt for the serial killer, but he never resurfaced, until 1999.

Image Credit: Adriane Hights, Facebook

Adrienne Fields watched the whole incident unfold on the news. She followed the brutal murders and the subsequent investigation. All the while, the young woman was filled with a dreadful premonition that she would be the next victim. When talking to the press about her premonition, she said that she couldn’t explain it but just knew she would be the next victim. Fields’ terror reached such heights that she informed her friends and moved to Grand Prairie. Even in this new town, she felt that she was being followed.

Then on October 26, 1999, at 3 in the morning, her worst nightmare came to life, when she woke up to find a man with a stocking over her head standing in her bedroom. She didn’t know then that the man was Dale Scheanette. Fields said that her assailant, who strangely knew her name, jumped on the bed, covered her mouth, and put a gun to her back. He threatened to hurt her if she made any noise and then proceeded to rape her agonizingly for two hours.

Adrienne remembered the man telling her that the devil kept making him do it and that she was not like the others. It was then she realized that her assailant had committed this crime before. While confronting him, she was pushed down to the floor, and she thought she was going to die that night when strangely, the Bathtub Killer had a change of heart. He let Fields go and walked out of her apartment, never to return again. The police would later find DNA in Fields’ apartment which matched the samples taken from Vu’s and Prescott’s murder scenes.

Where is Adrienne Fields Now?

Fields lost all sense of security after the brutal assault. She admitted to waking up at night in terror, scared that the killer would come back. She said that her terrifying ordeal made her life a complete wreck. The police were finally able to give the brave survivor some peace when they informed her about Scheanette’s arrest in September 2000. Fields said she could finally sleep after his arrest. When Dale was tried for murder, Fields, along with the rest of the survivors, were asked to testify. She said it was extremely hard to testify under Scheanette’s murderous gaze, but she managed to help send Scheanette to his execution.

Image Credit: Adriane Hights, Facebook

The brutal attack and rape left her grappling with depression and self-doubt for over two decades. During those years, she even went through a divorce. Yet, this inspirational survivor weathered all storms, and finally, 20 years after her attack, spoke up about her experience, saying that the more she tells her story, the freer she feels. She also began a non-profit organization called Rip the Bandage and started advocating for other rape victims and the homeless.

On the personal front, Adrienne is a doting mother and has since remarried, according to her social media profile. It also seems as though she now goes by Adriane Hights. She has penned a book by the name of ‘Broken Keys,’ in which she relays not only her trauma but how she chose to overcome it. It truly appears as though she has channeled her energy into giving back to the community and helping others.

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