Written in the Stars: Filming Location of the Amazon Prime Show

Amazon Prime’s ‘Written in the Stars’ is a Brazilian dating reality TV series that revolves around a single person representing one of the zodiac signs in each of the 12 episodes. The single person in focus goes on multiple dates with four bachelors or bachelorettes, with whom they share different zodiac compatibilities. Once the single completes the four dates, guided by the presenter Ingrid Guimarães, they eliminate one bachelor or bachelorette with whom they had the least amount of chemistry.

Now, the astrologer turns to the stars to eliminate one of the three remaining participants with the least compatibility with the single. With two remaining prospects and the knowledge of their zodiac compatibility with each of them, the hopeful single must choose to either listen to the stars or ignore them. Originally titled ‘Match nas Estrelas,’ the astrological dating show sees the single persons in each episode travel to different places across São Paulo, making you curious to find out where the movie was shot.

Written in the Stars Was Filmed in Brazil

‘Written in the Stars’ is filmed in its entirety in Brazil, specifically in São Paulo. Production on the debut season of the reality series seemingly got underway in the summer of 2022 and concluded in August of the same year. Now, without further ado, let’s traverse through all the specific locations where prospective couples go on multiple dates in the Amazon Prime show!

São Paulo, Brazil

A majority of ‘Written in the Stars’ is lensed in and around São Paulo, the capital of Brazil’s eponymous state and an alpha global city, which exerts strong international influences in the fields of arts, entertainment, finance, and commerce. The production team supposedly sets up camp mostly in and around the district of Barra Funda. Apart from warehouses and railroad trucks, it also houses some of São Paulo’s coolest alternative bars, making it a perfect backdrop for a dating show.

In general, São Paulo is considered to have one of the best nightlife in Brazil with bars, nightclubs, and dance bars remaining open even past midnight, giving it a highly active and diverse nightlife. Besides that, there are various other sites suitable for going out on dates, and hence, suitable for shooting a dating show like ‘Written in the Stars.’ For instance, there are cinemas, museums, parks, and cultural centers, including the  São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP), the Ipiranga Museum, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Museum of the Portuguese Language, the Cantareira State Park, the Ibirapuera Park, the Tietê Ecological Park, and Municipal Theatre of São Paulo.

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