Where is Andrea Gallagher Now?

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Eddie Gallagher was put into the spotlight when he found himself in the center of controversy after being accused of several war crimes by his platoon-mates. However, apart from his life as a decorated United States Navy Seals, Eddie has a wonderful marriage and is a doting husband to Andrea Gallagher. Apple TV’s ‘The Line’ features the accusations levied on Eddie Gallagher and shows how they affected Andrea and the rest of Eddie’s family. If you are intrigued by this case and want to know where Andrea Gallagher is at present, we have you covered.

Who Is Andrea Gallagher?

Andrea Gallagher is a successful entrepreneur and has founded the Better Business Babe organization. Through her organization, she helps entrepreneurs promote their business and take it to the next level. Better Business Babe has witnessed immense success ever since its inception and has also been featured on publications like Women’s Day and Zooey.

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Andrea and Eddie have an extremely successful marriage and seem to be very much in love. Their social media pictures speak volumes about their commitment to each other, and the pair are proud parents to three wonderful children. Andrea has also been an extremely devoted wife and has supported her husband throughout his tenure in the Navy Seals.

However, their bond was tested when Eddie’s platoon mates accused him of several war crimes during his 2017 deployment in Iraq. They went public with their allegations and claimed that Eddie was responsible for murdering an Iraqi prisoner of war. Although Eddie outright denied the claims, he was arrested in 2018 and charged on multiple counts, including attempted murder, premeditated murder, and obstruction of justice.

Andrea stayed strong throughout this ordeal and maintained her position beside Eddie. She was steadfast in her support for her husband and never once faltered in her commitment. In order to raise funds for Eddie’s trial and increase awareness, Andrea took it upon herself to start the Free Eddie campaign on social media. She also claimed that her husband was an innocent man. Additionally, she even appeared on numerous TV shows in her efforts to free Eddie and ran multiple fundraising events both online and offline. Ultimately, she emerged victorious as Eddie was acquitted of most charges and only found guilty of posing for a photograph with a corpse.

Where Is Andrea Gallagher Now?

Following Eddie’s trial, Andrea helped her husband appeal for clemency, following which then-President Donald Trump took note of the couple’s efforts and decided to completely reverse the conviction and sentencing, effectively granting Eddie a full pardon. Following Eddie’s acquittal, the family, along with their children, began living a quiet life in Florida.

Andrea even got together with her husband and co-wrote a book titled ‘The Man in the Arena,’ which gives the reader an insight into Eddie’s version of the events in Iraq and even contains snippets from the actual court case. At present, Andrea is busy with her company and holds the position of President for the Pipe Hitter Foundation. However, even her business cannot keep her from spending quality family time, and we hope she remains happy in the years to come.

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