Where is Menudo’s Andy Blazquez Now?

Menudo’s music captured millions of teenage fans’ hearts starting in the late 1970s. With an ever-changing lineup to keep the boyish charm of the group alive, Menudo has had several members singing as part of the group. HBO Max’s docuseriesMenudo: Forever Young’ features interviews with some ex-band members who talk about their time with Menudo. However, not all of it is positive. Andy Blazquez, who was part of the lineup during the 1990s, goes into detail about the behavior prevalent around him back then. So, let’s find out more then, shall we?

Who is Andy Blazquez?

As a young boy, Andy Blazquez was in Menudo from 1991 to 1997. Since Menudo was known for their consistent album output, the band usually worked not just to record the songs but also to promote, rehearse, and perform them. Furthermore, the band made money through merchandising sales. However, Andy mentioned on the show that he never got paid his share for that. This was just a part of a host of bad experiences Andy talked about in the HBO Max docuseries.

According to Andy, there was extreme sexualization while he was part of Menudo. He claimed that there were constant inappropriate jokes around the kids, alleging Edgardo Diaz, the creator of the band, talked about things like anal sex in front of the children. In another incident, Andy stated on the show that Edgardo would sometimes be wearing a little towel while talking to the kids in the band.

Andy detailed in the docuseries that a similar incident transpired when he had turned 14, just after the release of an album. By then, his voice began changing. But around the same time, Menudo was due to perform at a concert. While they practiced performing, the same didn’t happen for live singing. So when the moment actually came, Andy recalled messing it up on stage. After that, he said that he didn’t feel supported by Edgardo. Andy added that he never felt good enough for his manager.

Where is Andy Blazquez Today?

Ultimately, Andy felt that Edgardo failed the children and didn’t fulfill the expectations of their parents. He further mentioned on the show that Edgardo’s behavior was often surprising. Andy claimed Edgardo would be nice to him when they were alone but treat him badly in public. Thus, the singer left the band in 1997, and since then, he has done quite well for himself.

Currently, Andy is the founder of Create The Box, a website and app design company that specializes in 3D design and animation. It seems like Andy has settled in Florida but travels to Puerto Rico and other places regularly. Furthermore, Andy loves to spend time with his stepkids and partner, and they have a pet dog to give them company.

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