Where Is Angelika Gavare Now?

When Vonne McGlynn went missing from her Adelaide, Australia, home in December 2008, her neighbor, Angelika Gavare, claimed that the pensioner had gone on a holiday and left her in charge of her house. Angelika further insisted that Vonne had given her access to her bank account to redecorate her home. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: The Vulnerable’ chronicles the horrifying incident and shows how the bank and the police force came together to unravel a sinister and terrifying homicide. If you are intrigued by this case and want to know where Angelika is at present, we have you covered?

Who Is Angelika Gavare?

Angelika Gavare, a Latvian immigrant, moved to Adelaide, Australia, hoping to turn her fortunes around. She was a mother of two kids and was employed as a clerk. However, Angelika’s job didn’t provide enough for her family, and she had fallen on hard times. The show even states that she tried stealing small amounts of money from her clients but was always on the lookout for other victims.

Image Credit: ABC News (Australia)/YouTube

While hunting for other victims, Angelika realized that her neighbor, 83-year-old Vonne McGlynn, was a perfect target. She lived alone and had money in the bank as well as a house to her name. Thus, in December 2008, Angelika broke into Vonne’s house and bludgeoned her to death. Scared of getting caught, Angelika dismembered the victim’s body into small parts and scattered them around a creek at Christie Downs.

When Vonne was reported missing, the police suspected Angelika of being involved in the disappearance. However, the show mentioned that she insisted on her innocence and claimed Vonne had gone on vacation, leaving her in charge. Angelika even forged a power of attorney document and tried to get into Vonne’s bank account but was denied by the bank. She further stated that Vonne had given her permission to access around $2000 from her account to renovate the house. Still, the bank viewed this as suspicious and initiated a police investigation.

Where Is Angelika Gavare Now?

When police began investigating the incident, they found Vonne’s glasses inside her house. Moreover, her fridge was full of food, leading them to suspect Angelika further. Although Angelika kept giving plausible explanations, authorities noticed inconsistencies in her statements and proceeded to search her house. The investigation revealed that Angelika possessed most of Vonne’s belongings, including her passport, personal documents, house keys, and furniture, forcing officers to carry out an extensive search of the area.

Image Credit: 7 News

In January 2009, authorities searching near the creek came upon a few dismembered body parts. Once forensic testing affirmed the remains to be Vonne’s, officers carried out a thorough search and managed to recover most parts except her head and hands. With a body on their hands, authorities had conclusive proof of a homicide, leading to them arresting Angelika and charging her with murder.

Moreover, officers even found traces of the victim’s blood on a child’s pram and the boot of Angelika’s vehicle, giving them further evidence against the accused. Once on trial, Angelika pleaded not guilty and claimed that her ex-boyfriend had killed Vonne in a hit-and-run. However, the court was decisive in finding her guilty and imprisoned her for 32 years to life in 2011, which was later backdated to 2009.

Subsequently, reports mentioned that in May 2014, while Angelika was serving her life sentence at the Adelaide Women’s Prison in Northfield, Australia, she got into an alleged altercation. She was subsequently charged with assault in February 2015. However, the charge of assault was dropped a few months later. Moreover, with no parole in sight for 32 years, we can safely infer that Angelika Gavare is still incarcerated in prison in Australia.

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