Where is Angelique Fawcette Now?

In the second episode of ABC News’ ‘Who Do You Believe’ titled ‘Protector vs. Predator,’ the show chronicles actor Nichelle Nichol’s conservatorship saga. While her son, Kyle Johnson, was granted conservatorship, many believe Nichelle doesn’t need someone else making her decisions for her. Angelique Fawcette, a friend of Nichelle’s, has been campaigning for the same. So, if you’re curious to find out more, here’s what we know!

Who is Angelique Fawcette?

Angelique is an actor and producer who met Nichelle in 2012. At the time, she hired Nichelle for a ‘Star Trek’ parody film called ‘Unbelievable!!!!!’ Over time, the two became close friends, and Angelique said Nichelle saw her as her daughter. After Nichelle was admitted to a hospital in 2013, Angelique said that she and her husband visited her regularly. Angelique added, “She (Nichelle) was definitely gasping for breath. She was calling out to her people who had passed away.”

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By 2018, Kyle filed a petition for Nichelle’s conservatorship. But Angelique remained unconvinced, believing neither Kyle nor Gilbert Hall, Nichelle’s former manager, had the ‘Star Trek’ actor’s best interests at heart. She said of Kyle, “Her son was absent from her life for six years. He missed Nichelle’s birthdays, Mother’s Days, Thanksgivings, and Christmases. It was heartbreaking to watch.” Regarding Gilbert, Angelique said, “Gil was the gatekeeper, fiercely controlling Nichelle’s financial affairs and her person. He allegedly used her money to upgrade the home he lived in on Nichelle’s property and bought new cars while Nichelle’s house sat in decay.”

In August 2018, Angelique filed a petition in court to object to Kyle’s conservatorship petition. She felt that Nichelle would be able to take care of herself and make her own decisions with some assistance from a caregiver; she also wanted visitation rights with her friend. On the other hand, Kyle alleged that Angelique only wanted to profit from Nichelle’s name. Furthermore, in a deposition requested by Angelique, BJ Hawkins, a conservator for Nichelle before Kyle took over, stated that Kyle was “verbally harsh” and wanted her to work against Nichelle’s best interests.

Where is Angelique Fawcette Now?

In January 2022, a court ruled that Angelique didn’t have the standing to lodge complaints to end Nichelle’s conservatorship. She later said, “You just can’t come and take people’s homes and money and just say, ‘Hey, it’s mine. Sorry, you’re old, you’re almost dead anyway, so I’m taking this.’ Look at all these amazing old people who are out there doing things. They’re living the life ’til their last drop, and that’s really what I’m fighting for, for Nichelle.”

Angelique felt that Kyle didn’t honor Nichelle’s wishes, including when it came to her property in California, which he sold. She said, “She has no place to go back to anymore. It hurt me because I knew that it would hurt her. She stated that she wanted to remain in her home, yet the court let her son move her out.” Angelique continues to campaign against Nichelle’s conservatorship. She lives in California, is the CEO of a film company, and is married to Steven Fawcette, a writer and director.

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