Where is Archie Cabello’s Son Vincent Cabello Now?

Image Credit: Multnomah County Sheriff (Oregon)

ABC News’ ’20/20: Family Business’ follows the case of an apparently typical family that stole around $4 million in cash from different armored car companies and eluded the authorities for a decade. They might have even gotten away with it if not for the family members turning against each other. It took the local police, the prosecution office, the IRS, and the FBI to mount a massive investigation before they were finally arrested and convicted of their crimes. So who is Vincent Cabello of the three? Let’s find out then, shall we?

Who is Vincent Cabello?

Vincent N. Cabello is one of the two sons of Archie and Marian Cabello. He got his high school diploma from Inglemoor High School in 1990 and got stationed at Fort Bragg at the age of 23, serving as an Army paratrooper. After being honorably discharged from the Army in 1996, Vincent returned to his family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he was roped in by his father to commit robberies alongside him. Vincent used to worship his father and agreed to help commit robbery in a misguided effort to win his affection.

In 1998, Vincent acquired a job as a shipping and receiving clerk at American Security Corporation in Milwaukee. He was also tasked with guarding the night vault in a commercial building’s basement. The father-son duo decided to seize this chance and rob the institution. Archie came in disguise and used a BB gun to stage a robbery, cleaning a whopping $730,000 from the vault, putting up a big performance for the authorities, and even handcuffing Vincent to make it look authentic. The detectives probing into the robbery questioned Vincent and even suspected him of being an accomplice.

Image Credit: Multnomah County Sheriff (Oregon)

Since Vincent stuck to his story, the authorities could not arrest him. The Cabello family moved to Portland, rented a modest apartment, and stayed under the radar for a few years. By then, the FBI had begun to suspect them but could not arrest them as they could not be linked to any of the crimes they purportedly committed. On December 6, 2005, Vincent helped his father rob another armored vehicle in Oregon for a cool $3 million and even deposited the money in a safe deposit box maintained by Archie in east Seattle under false aliases.

The IRS was roped in by the authorities to conduct a massive investigation into the finances of the Cabello family, and they soon began to find discrepancies. Meanwhile, as the Cabello family laid low and put up a show of living from paycheck to paycheck, Vincent committed a mistake by purchasing a Hummer car with cash, further putting the family under scrutiny. This led to a feud between the father and son, and 4 days before the statute of limitation was over in the 2005 Oregon robbery, the family was placed under arrest in 2010.

Where is Vincent Cabello Today?

Faced with a 51-count indictment in December 2010, the Cabello family was to go to trial, and that’s when Vincent caved. In February 2012, Vincent decided to cooperate with the police since he wanted to further his education and also start a family. He helped the authorities locate the keys to the safety deposit box in Bellevue, Washington, where the Cabellos used to stash the stolen money.

Vincent also took the witness stand to testify against his father. As a result of his cooperation, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison in a federal camp in Sheridan. On his pre-trial release, he reportedly got engaged, enrolled in Portland Community College in 2010, and obtained a degree in Associate of Applied Science in 2012. The following year, Vincent went on to package products for shipping as a Warehouse Laborer for Valmont Industries. Apart from that, his current whereabouts are unknown as he seemingly prefers to lead a life under the radar.

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