Where Is Ashely Sutton 1000-lb Best Friends Now?

Offering a sneak peek into the lives of a group of friends dealing with morbid obesity, ‘1000-lb Best Friends’ revolves around Meghan Crumpler, Tina Arnold, Vannessa Cross, and Ashely Sutton as they take on the ultimate challenge of weight loss. However, the journey is quite challenging, and the best friends often depend on each other and their hard work for progress. As the audience is quite interested to know more about the cast, we decided to go in and find out where Ashely Sutton is at present!

Who Is Ashely Sutton?

Incidentally, Ashely Sutton was previously acquainted with Vannessa Cross and Meghan Crumpler, making her entry into ‘1000-lb Best Friends’ relatively easy. Her incredible charm, ready wit, and hilarious disposition worked in her favor and quickly made her a fan-favorite cast member. Besides, her chemistry with the rest of the cast was appreciated as her openness and willingness to take on new challenges added a lot to the show’s dynamics. The show mentions that Ashely had battled overweight issues since a young age and has always wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Ashely even took the initiative to do so in the past and underwent a weight-loss surgery that took off quite a few pounds from her body. However, with no one to supervise her actions, she gave into her old habits and fell back on her old harmful lifestyle before gradually gaining back the weight she painstakingly lost. Thus, appearing on the TLC show seemed like a dream come true for Ashely as it was life providing her with another chance. Determined to make it work this time, Ashely took up weight loss as a serious issue and even succeeded as there were others to support her efforts and cheer her on.

Where Is Ashely Sutton Now?

Unfortunately, Ashely Sutton prefers a life of privacy and chooses to stay away from the public sphere. She has a minimal presence on social media and does not share much info about her family or personal life. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and from the looks of it, she seems to be quite a family-oriented woman. The reality star never misses spending time with her best pals, Meghan Crumpler, Vannessa Cross, and Tina Arnold.

Moreover, owing to her preference to stay below the radar, Ashely’s present relationship status also seems to be unclear. Still, with Ashely mentioning how her health journey is still an ongoing process and her new career as a popular and well-loved reality TV star, we hope success and happiness never elude her in the days to come.

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