Where Is Ashley T. From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

Obesity is a huge issue on its own. But when it is coupled with other problems like borderline personality disorders or a tendency to use online channels to make up for one’s lack of confidence, the complications increase manifold. This is exactly what happens with Ashley T., the subject of My 600-lb Life Season 8 Episode 15.

At 24 years old (when she is introduced at the beginning of the episode), Ashley is extremely unhealthy, has nobody to call her own, and is plagued by food addiction. So, is she able to address these issues with the help of Dr. Now? And most importantly, where is she now? Let’s find out.

Who is Ashley T. & What’s Her Story?

My 600-lb Life introduces us to a 24-year-old, young woman named Ashley T., who weighs above 600 pounds when she first meets celebrity surgeon Dr. Now. The resident of Temple, Texas has been dealing with weight issues since she was a kid at three years old. When Ashley was seven, she used to weigh 200 pounds and by the time she turned 14, her weight doubled — leading to her getting severely bullied at school.

Ashley admits how her massive weight makes everything difficult for her. Regular tasks seem like arduous chores and her body mass causes intense pain. She realizes that at such a young age, the thought of her body giving up is extremely worrisome, not to mention, scary.

On the other hand, the reality star has another major issue. She is addicted to catfishing and has multiple fake profiles on social media where she pretends to be someone different. According to her, this is another source of comfort since she has nobody to call family. While her grandmother died when Ashley was 20, her mum lives in a facility for epilepsy patients.

In her episode, Ashley expresses her situation, saying: “When I eat, I feel complete joy, and when I stop, and the food is gone, I’m back to that dark hole.”

Where is Ashley T. Now?

When Ashley visits Dr. Now, the surgeon reveals that she needs both physical and mental treatment. She is assigned to therapist Lola Clay, who diagnoses Ashley with a borderline personality disorder. Lola recommends the reality star to attend regular therapy sessions so that she can control her mood swings and curb her depression.

According to Lola, Ashley needs to learn self-introspection so that she can relate to emotions, empathy, and guilt. Only then, she will be able to be successful in her journey. Ashley accepts that she is emotionally unstable because of the trauma she faced during her growing-up years. She confessed how her father never accepted her and how she even ended by being raped by a neighbor. To add to her worries, she was always fearful that she would lose her mum.

After following Lola’s advice and Dr. Now’s prescribed diet plan, Ashley weighs 469 pounds during her final appointment with the surgeon. But since she does not qualify for the required weight-loss mark, Ashley is not approved for the sleeve surgery.

However, this does not mean that the reality star has called it quits. Although she is not available on Instagram or Facebook, she leaves the show, vowing to never give up. She wants to fight back to get back on the right track. And we are hopeful that she will achieve her goals — something we expect to see in a follow-up episode.

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