Where is Megan From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

Everybody, in this journey called life, has problems. The question is, how we solve these issues and take measures to cope up with the stress and emotional turmoil. While workouts, travel, meditation, and yoga are some of the healthy methods to stay sane, addiction to anything is one of the deadlier ways. And well, specifically, addiction to food — lots of it.

Sadly, this is the case with Megan Davis, who is aged only 24 when we first meet her in My 600-lb Life Season 8 Episode 14. Her life is just inches from collapsing and she has not even been halfway through it. But of course, a visit to Dr. You is usually accompanied by a positive change. So, is this the case with Megan as well? Let’s find out.

Who is Megan & What’s Her Story?

Megan, who lives with her mother and is dependant on her for every single need, started considering food as her support system from a very young age. When she was six, she was already tipping the scales at 200 pounds. In her episode in 600-lb, she explains: “When I eat, I feel a sense of comfort, love, a sense of fullness.” In fact, for Megan, food is the only constant, reliable close friend.

By the time Megan reached 24, she crossed the 600 pounds border. When we first see her at Dr. You’s clinic, she weighs a massive 604 pounds. Her decision to visit the bariatric surgeon fills her with hope as she has realized that if she continues like this, there is no going back. She tells the camera: “I know my health is really bad now because the more I move, my breathing gets worse and worse.”

But when Dr. Now sees Megan’s condition, he is really concerned. She is just 24 and already has so many health issues. According to the doctor, her medications are usually prescribed to patients who are 50 years or over.

So, does Megan’s condition improve and how is she doing now? Let’s find out.

Where is Megan Now?

After meeting Dr. You, Megan starts a long, arduous, and difficult journey. She is given a strict diet chart to follow and strongly advised to control her food urges. She does try to stick to the schedule but her task is difficult, considering the fact that her mum is a constant enabler. At the end of the designated three months, Megan loses 14 pounds.

Again, in the next weigh-in, she weighs 558 pounds. The weight-loss percentage is extremely less and Dr. Now asks her to put in more effort. So, Megan heeds his words and in her next weigh-in, she loses 37 pounds. This means, her total loss since the beginning of the treatment is 84 lbs. Dr. Now tells her to lose another 30 in order to be approved for the sleeve surgery.

But although Megan manages to shed several pounds, even more than what Dr. Now had said, and crosses the below-500 mark, her health issues make it impossible for the doctor to go ahead with her surgery. This means that she needs to shed more calories. Dr. Now also tells her that he will track her progress and check on her from time to time to consider other options. And by the end of the episode, we see her at 481 lbs.

Megan is not discouraged with Dr. Now’s revelation and today, she is full of confidence. She goes on walks and is working hard to reduce the required weight in order to get the surgery approval. She is also taking care of her diet and is impatient to live independently, work, and start a family. We do hope that we get more updates about her in a follow-up episode.

Meanwhile, you can watch a clip from Megan’s episode below:

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