Did Walton Goggins Leave Righteous Gemstones? Where Is “Baby” Billy Freeman?

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“Baby” Billy Freeman (Walton Goggins) is one of the most important supporting characters of ‘The Righteous Gemstones.’ He is the brother of late Aimee-Leigh Gemstone (Jennifer Nettles), and through her, brother-in-law of Eli (John Goodman). “Baby” Billy and Aimee-Leigh grew up in their ancestral property of Freeman’s Gap, South Carolina. They were part of a singing duo that accumulated moderate fame, but then Aimee-Leigh met Eli. They got married, became televangelists, and created a sprawling empire of faith. Meanwhile, “Baby” Billy wrestled with envy, jealousy, and a sense of insignificance. He has always been manipulative and had the ability to convince his sister to do things that might be detrimental to her health, but Eli always saw through his schemes.

In the inaugural season, Eli makes “Baby” Billy the pastor at a newly opened church in a mall in Locust Grove. As much as Eli detests the man, he is still family and his beloved wife’s brother. But things start to spiral out of control as Eli and “Baby” Billy fall back to their pattern of conflict. After a car collision with Scotty (Scott MacArthur), “Baby” Billy gets his hands on millions of dollars of Gemstone money, but Eli and his children ultimately get it back. If you are wondering where “Baby” Billy is in season 2 of ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ and whether Walton Goggins is still part of the show, we got you covered.

Where Is “Baby” Billy Freeman?

The first two episodes of ‘The Righteous Gemstones’, titled ‘I Speak in the Tongues of Men and Angels’ and ‘After I Leave, Savage Wolves Will Come,’ have aired, and it seems that neither of them has any footage of the fan-favorite character “Baby” Billy Freeman. This must have made many viewers wonder whether “Baby” Billy will appear in the second season.

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In the season 1 finale, the Gemstones travel to Freeman’s Gap to confront “Baby” Billy, who tries to run away but gets struck by lightning. He is brought back to life by a bee sting. As soon as he wakes up, “Baby” Billy starts claiming that he has seen his dead sister while he was out, and she asked him to forgive her husband. The Gemstones take the remaining money home, and “Baby” Billy subsequently becomes a tent evangelist, selling overpriced souvenirs.

At first glance, it might seem that “Baby” Billy’s involvement in the main narrative has run its course, but if we are willing to take a deeper look, we will see that many aspects of the character remain unexplored. We know that “Baby” Billy married multiple times before his current wife Tiffany and had at least one son. They might show up in season 2. Moreover, the main issues between Eli and “Baby” Billy are far from being resolved. So, it’s safe to assume, that the latter will reappear in the next few episodes.

Did Walton Goggins Leave The Righteous Gemstones?

No, Walton Goggins did not leave ‘The Righteous Gemstones.’ He and Danny McBride, the creator of the series, are long-time collaborators. They have previously worked together on projects like ‘Fatman’ and ‘Vice Principals,’ so there is little chance that McBride would write off Goggins’ character or Goggins would abruptly leave a Danny McBride show. The biggest proof that demonstrates that Goggins hasn’t left the show is his Instagram wall, which is filled with updates about his character in season 2.

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