Where Is Bargain Block Filmed?

HGTV’s ‘Bargain Block’ is a reality television series that follows partners Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas as they buy scrappy and rundown properties and transform them into stylish and affordable homes for first-time buyers. The duo undertakes challenging restorations and focuses on bringing all their creativity to one project at a time despite the tight budgetary constraints.

Since the show is about house restoration, it is natural for fans to wonder about the locations of all the artsy and gorgeous homes we see on our screens. If you want to learn more details about the filming locations of ‘Bargain Block,’ we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything we know.

Bargain Block Filming Locations

Filming of ‘Bargain Block’ takes place in Michigan, specifically in the city of Detroit. Each episode of the show sees the designer-builder duo working on a new property in a neighborhood of Detroit. Let’s take a closer look at the filming spots of the show.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is the most populous city in the state of Michigan and the seat of Wayne County. The city is a cultural center and is well known for its music, repository arts, architecture, and design. It is perhaps most renowned as a major hub for the United States automobile industry and is home to auto manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Stellantis North America. The city has a multicultural background, and it has played an important role in the rise of the Motown and techno music genres.

Bynum and Thomas try to rebuild the city’s neighborhoods one house at a time and are joined by their friend Shea Hicks-Whitfield in this quest. Hicks-Whitfield is a real estate agent and a resident of Detroit. Therefore, she understands the culture and heritage of the city and aids the pair in giving an authentic Detroit touch to houses.

While Downtown Detroit and the New Centre area consist of Art Deco style skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, most of the neighborhoods in the city consist of low-rise structures and single houses mostly occupied by families. Thus, the cityscape provides a vast canvas for Bynum and Thomas to showcase their creative abilities, making the city an ideal filming location for the show.

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