Where Is Bonding Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Bonding’ is a fascinating tale of Tiff and Pete’s life that keeps audiences on their toes. Through spurts of comedy tying up twisted tropes of sexuality and friendship, it comes off as a story that captivates and dazzles. The plot revolves around Tiffany “Tiff” Chester (Zoe Levin), a psychology student moonlighting as a dominatrix. She is reunited with Pete Devin (Brendan Scannell), her gay best friend from high school, as he becomes her assistant.

When relieved of his duties as a best friend and assistant, Pete works as a waiter and an anxiety-ridden, stand-up comedian. Tiff’s central issue is the lack of sync between different aspects of her life, and the series delineates her consequent struggle. The duo’s story unravels in the “all work and no play” vibe of Manhattan, which tempted us to discover where it is actually filmed. Here’s what we found.

Bonding Filming Locations

‘Bonding’ season 1 was filmed in the autumn of 2017. Cameras for Season 2 started rolling in January 2020 and seemingly carried on till February 2020. The series is filmed in New York City, based on creator Rightor Doyle’s early life experiences there. Here are more details about the locations.

New York City, New York

Bonding is primarily filmed in New York City. Doyle, who is also the director of the show, revealed that they spent a considerable amount of time capturing scenes in wild locations like sex dungeons. The production tried to depict a realistic image of the lives of the characters in the series. They had to wrap up filming by 5-6 pm every day because clients were filing in. A few scenes have been shot in Brooklyn College, situated at 2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn.

A significant portion of the filming of ‘Bonding’ takes place in Hamilton Heights, a neighborhood in the northern part of Manhattan in New York City. Another area that makes the cut to the screen happens to be Forest Park in Kew Gardens. It is a natural habitat consisting of 538 acres of trees and fields. It is nested in Queens, New York, bordering the neighborhoods of Richmond Hill, Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Glendale, and Woodhaven.

A neighborhood called Williamsburg, a hip area in Brooklyn known for its young crowd, has been used as another filming location for the show. Washington Heights, situated in the northern portion of the New York City borough of Manhattan, also served as a filming location for season 2. A solid setup graced the area, as also observed through pictures posted on Instagram.

A few scenes get materialized in the Bravo Studios, which is NYC’s best-known studio facility for green screen video production. The studio is located at 40 West 27th Street 2nd floor, Chelsea. Broadway Stages was also used to tape a few scenes. It is one of New York’s full-service film and television production companies. Other scenes were shot in Chelsea Studios. Also known as Chelsea Television Studios, it is an American television studio and sound stage located at 221 West 26th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan.

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